The Sketch about projects or - what is The Oldfish

The Sketch about "projects" or - what is "The Oldfishkeeping"?

Sergei Sergeyevich was interested in how creative people realize, prove themselves in the conditions of the destroyed book, media and a number of other creative national markets.

If there is no opportunity to become a writer, to create an independent, cost-effective media, creative people create projects.

"Projects" - this is the form of their creative implementation!

For example, "bike parade"...

What is a project?

First, it is, as a rule, mass collective actions. Although an individual can start the implementation of some "project" - but the "individual" is not very noticeable.

Secondly, it is not just mass collective action. It are a "new", 'fresh", "useful" actions. Actions, directed to improvement of "the social environment".

Thirdly, they partly remind a performance. But they can be directed to creation of a public creative product. Therefore, it is possible to put a question about existence (1) of the scenario, (2) creative results, (3) about protection with application of copyright.

Fourthly. The mass character (the open list of participants) and the open scenario is not a performance which is put by theatrical company according to the known scenario.

Open spaces are not a stage of theater.

Fifthly. Perhaps, copyright is applicable. Perhaps, legal protection of the rights of authors of "projects" is applicable. But not so simple to protect the rights of authors of projects.

Sergei Sergeyevich was pleased to read an article about the "bicycle parades". (Activists during the years were making in Moscow "bicycle parades". Now the mayor's office wants to do the run — and activists say that at them steal the project. 18:06, November 7, 2018. Source: Meduza. Ivan Golunov Alexander Gorbachev, Ilya Zhegulev).

Very interesting!

And here is an article about Wikipedia, more precisely about the collective impact on Wikipedia. (12 evil editors. Russian Wikipedia blocked the community of authors who praised the governors and criticized the opposition. 10:35, July 5, 2019. Source: Meduza. Alexey Kovalev).

Both Wikipedia and the collective impact on Wikipedia's content are, in a sense, "projects."

Oldfishkeeper is mentioned in this article (12 spiteful editors). Oldfishkeeper is the name of the account. Naturally, the name was thought up not by Sergei Sergeyevich. Who thought up? So far, judging by article, it is not possible to know.

In any case, Sergei Sergeyevich is not going to usurp the some else's laurels and to throw some unknown genius.

This of course is an individual intellectual movement ... not mass... But still... after all …

From the "Oldfishkeeper" we pass to a notion of "The Oldfishkeeping"... 

We write the sketch on this subject...

Yes, by the way... Here's another article...

There are plans to create "national" Wikipedia... (In Russia wanted to create an analog of "Wikipedia". 06.07.2019 | 09:31
So, "The Oldfishkeeping"... We collect the thoughts...

So, what prospects at creative persons?...

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