The Story of how Vanya Zhukov worked by a T-shirt

The Story of how Vanya Zhukov worked by a T-shirt

Vanya Zhukov received a task in cafe and went outside.

At himself he had portions of pizza for customers and one more portion of pizza (together with a water bottle) for himself personally.

Around one of embassies he saw the girl and the guy in T-shirts
 with the inscription "I/we Are Golunov".

They resembled tourists.

"They, for certain, have a one more T-shirt", - Vanya thought and addressed couple with the offer of exchange.

"Mademoiselle! Comrade! Today good day, and I offer you exchange. You give me the same T-shirt like what are dressed on you, and I give you a portion of pizza and a bottle of water. In hotel, at a porter,  you can exchange pizza and a bottle with water for local currency. If desired you can eat pizza, water can be also useful to you. If you are inclined to charity, then can hand pizza and water to the needing resident".

The T-shirt (sealed in a package) appeared from a bag, and exchange was made.

Vanya in the next park took off the shirt, put on a new T-shirt s and went according to the plan to customers.

Suddenly near him comrade Friend's car stopped.

The invitation – Vanya in the car – a phone call of the Great Diplomat – "do not pay attention to his T-shirt, we support legality and against lawlessness"; a phone line disconnected – comrade Friend attentively looks at the T-shirt – comrade Friend calls by phone someone; "yes, act!"; a phone line disconnected – "I thank for consultation", "You saw fiords?" - "No" - "Once again I thank for consultation" - "Long live revolution!" - "Long live the republic!" - the car is stopped in the place, rather comfortable for Vanya.

Vanya continues to carry pizza.

The first client attentively looks at Vanya. "You are Golunov?". Vanya nods: "I am Ivan".

A gratuities doubles.

At the end of the day Vanya with good mood and a gratuities (tips) which increased several times sat in a chair near the pool. "Between the good pool and the good fiord is something in common", - Vanya assumed. - "Today good day. From the financial point of view. And in general … Not millions and not billions, but …"

Vanya's wife came up to the pool in a swimwear.

Vanya just in case took off a T-shirt and remained only in a swimming trunks …

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Владимир Владимирович Залесский “Рассказ как Ваня Жуков работал майкой”.

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