The Sketch about a modern media clownery

The Sketch about a modern media clownery

Now investigations are very fashionable!

For example, rather famous journalist according the own initiative or according an instructions of an editorial office begins to show interest in a some figure.

Journalist makes a business trip. He goes to the province. He turns on professional skills. He makes a talks. He photographs. Generalizes. Publishes.

It is interesting – and to look at others and him (himself) to show  …

But, perhaps, there is a genre of analytical investigations.

Sergei Sergeyevich liked the article about an "office" "dolls" (a "servicing" "dolls"). The author did not go to any province. Perhaps, he for this article photographed nobody. But he generalized. He published …

The article about about an "office" "dolls" plunged Sergei Sergeyevich into some reflections.

Clown!  Everything is thought over! Everything is put, presented, performed as in good theater!

Dolls are the FIRST TYPE of media contacts of the clown.

He invites to the political TV shows of the "office" "dolls" and does with them what he wants. Wants – he praises. Wants - scolds. And wants – expels.

Dolls represent themselves as if a "defeated" persons. They feel perfectly. Good fees.

Even better the clown feels. He – the embodiment of superiority …

Under his superiority there is a strong organizational basis.

All that was made – everything escapes off a  punishment. It is possible not to worry about consequences. Time will come, this circus representation will come to the end …  But time tends to stretch ... or is shrinking…

The SECOND TYPE of a media contacts are an "ordinary" people whom the clown invites to the shows.

Often these people have bigger intelligence and more high qualification, than the clown. However the clown without an efforts manages to show the superiority on these people. By what way he do?

Several factors.

The clown is trained for a show. Many guests - No. A show has the own laws. Own time. Own power, energy … Shaw demands persons to be trained.

The invited figures do not understand that they were thrown (threw them), already, prior to the show. 

They were (officially) invited - for what purpose? They why came to a show?

They came for discussion of some subject, a problem.

If a some media-loser (and the invited guest during the transfer becomes a such) arrived to discuss the problem, he (the guest) and tries to discuss it.

But to the clown not the problem in itself is important. The next confirmation, the proof of own superiority is important for him.

The clown continuously changes a subject. He asks the unexpected, confusing questions. He continuously moves, changes a focus of attention. 

There are also tricks of other type  – for example, the clown with a look of superiority and protection about 10 times during a one program pronounces the word "of course". He has a desire to agree graciously. He renders confirmation, approval.

Minor figures (assistants) are attracted for the clown – the retinue plays the clown.

As a result no subject wasn't discussed, not one problem wasn't solved. The invited guest imperceptibly turned into the loser. And the clown again on a horse – he the next time proved own intellectual superiority.  He several times during transfer achieved from a guest of a confusion, of a confused silence. Several times he put a guest in a dead end.

On the contrary, he, the clown, dexterously had screwed into during a show a some words, asked some unexpected questions, insisted on some statements.

He, the clown, - the great expert in all the subjects and in all the problems.

The THIRD TYPE of a media contacts is a wide audience (radio listeners, TV viewers).

Here too it is necessary to show superiority. But – under a certain corner.

The audience was once spoiled. She had once, in past, been told that she was the collective master of the country.

Sometimes the audience receives a caress and now. A methods are known.

But gingerbread should be combined with a whip.

The more all sorts of "electoral stuff", of "electoral inventions" are used, the less the value of a public. She is of less and less importance. And she is less and less needed.

Someone has to report the real situation? For appreciation of the "caress", if such "caress" be shown?

Clown for this purpose is very suitable. He calls the audience all sorts of bad words, and sometimes, in a slightly veiled form, begins to intimidate the audience…

The clown does not feel bad – in all senses…

He has his place under the Sun, own scenarios, own tasks, a money…

He has and certain warranty...  Any problems after the finish of the "career"  is unlikely to expect  him…

As for the humorous radio station…

The process of a balancing between genres of a buffoonery and a horror deserves of interest.

Sergei Sergeyevich has several rather free minutes. He turns on radio and hears a cheerful voice of the clown.

Somehow involuntarily the mood improves! The pulsing a media stream of a media-reality!

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Translation from Russian into English: July 8, 2019 12:15.
Владимир Владимирович Залесский “Скетч о современной медиа-клоунаде”.