The Sketch about Sergei Sergeyevich s reflections

The Sketch about Sergei Sergeyevich's reflections of how a "media pool" "operates"

Sergei Sergeyevich likes to read now and then any materials on social subjects.

The terrible noise about "a language problem" in one of neighboring countries was somehow made.

There passed not much time, and Sergei Sergeyevich found on the Internet "The Brouillon of the Story about how Ivan Ivanovich quarreled with Ivan Nikiforovich" (it is posted online on May 14, 2019).

A sense, an essence of the work (of the "Draft", of the “Brouillon”) is a such. To insist on monopoly of some language, to limit other languages – it is slightly not realistic. Languages among themselves interact. Many words pass from one language into another and equally sound in different languages.

It seems, and a hot topic, it seems, it is written clear, but from a "media pool" – no reaction.

But on it Sergei Sergeyevich's finds did not come to the end. He finds "The Sketch how Vanya Zhukov translated the word "Russian" from Russian into English and improved the language of Shakespeare".

Everything is written clear, too.

"”Russian” is a concept, probably, ethnic. And “Russian - located in Russia” is a concept if it is so possible to be expressed, a territorial, of a state meaning, of a state sense. And in English they are designated by the same word."

"It is expedient to translate the word "Russian" [a territorial, of a state meaning, of a state sense] from Russian into English by means of the word-combination "Russia-located" (located in Russia), or if the brevity is required, - "Russial".

"There will be two concepts (notions, words):

1. "Russian" - for an ethnic meanings,

2. "Russial" - for "territorial", "state" meanings".

"Now for the Russia it is paid much attention. The more precisely the translation of meanings – the better!"

The idea is published (posted online) on May 31, 2019.

Sergei Sergeyevich has no objections. If there is an opportunity to express thoughts (to translate texts) more precisely – that why not to use the new idea?

It seems, and a hot topic, it seems, it is written clear, but from a "media pool" – no reaction.

It seems, they and are reading …

There passes time.

A certain Nikita Porutayev expresses opinion. The opinion just concerns, oddly enough, the concepts "Russian" («русский»)  and "Russial" («российский»).

The person has a wish to tell  something, to put forward an idea.

If to trust the media, which reported about "event" on July 11, 2019, then the position of the dear kreator of the ideas Porutayev looks as follows (the quote -
“My, for example, point of view is that we should rename it, at all. For example, to say that we have Russian («русский») language, and there — "Russial" («российский»)... We also have Rusyn (Carpatho-Russian) in Transcarpathia, there will be also Russian («русский»), and at those let will be "Russial" («российский»), — Poturayev explained.”

This thought from the dear thinker Porutayev, -  though it is also perceived by some persons as extremely impudent, - is not absolutely clear to Sergei Sergeyevich.

It is clear, what is offered to do something with the concepts "Russian" («русский») and "Russial" («российский»)…

From where this unexpected intention?...

But – what for? What a purpose? What does this renaming will give? If to assume that there is a "language" problem, what gives the renaming of languages?

Hope to confuse someone? A hope that at someone brains "will float"?

May be, the "language" problem (if that problem exists) will stop being a subject of discussion? That the attention will move to scholastic disputes on names?

Like, "we're going to pour the powder on them brains" … Somehow poorly, weakly … Unrealistic...

The sense of the proposal of dear social inventor Porutayev is not clear. His offer seems to Sergei Sergeyevich senseless.

But as it is seen by Sergei Sergeyevich, "Media pool" immerses into a condition of tumult! Articles, notes started to pour out.

However, owing to senselessness (or ambiguities) of proposals of mister Porutayev to comment especially and there is nothing.

Well, all right …

Porutayev  read from a something (from a someone)… Or any other way somehow he had an idea about an innovation with the notions "Russian" («русский») and "Russial" («российский»)…

And here is how a "media pool" operates? How it functions?...

How does it start moving? And how it cools down?...

The car can be started with usage of what key?

"This secret a great is …" - Sergei Sergeyevich thought.

On July 11, 2019 15:08

Translation from Russian into English: July 11, 2019 19:06.
Владимир Владимирович Залесский “Скетч о размышлениях Сергея Сергеевича как «работает» «медиа-пул»”.