The Story about Sergei Sergeevich s foreign policy

The Story about Sergei Sergeevich's foreign policy initiative

Sergei Sergeyevich was very concerned about the legal status of the Kerch Strait. When the next anniversary of the Treaties of Tilsit came, Sergei Sergeyevich even imagined the meeting of the two presidents in the middle of the Kerch Strait.

As time went on, and with bitterness Sergei Sergeevich found on the Internet the note about a new anniversary - it's been 213 years since the formation of the Confederation of the Rhine.

A very interesting date and a very interesting event! But in a note there was even no hint on a meeting of two emperors in the middle of any river (or, at least, in the middle of the Strait). The Emperor Napoleon and the Emperor Francis II were mentioned, but,  however, with the word "ultimatum".

This situation looked disappointing.

Sergei Sergeyevich wrinkled his forehead and decided to think about the problem on his own.

The device, the design of the situation in what feature?

According to various sources, the Kerch Strait is shallow, and the passage of ships through it is associated with risks. Hence, there is a need to obtain permission to pass through the Strait and the need to pass with a pilot.

How does a pilot know someone needs him?

He learns about own demandness from an application, request.

That is, according the existing scheme a ship before a pass through the Strait submits the application to administration.

Here it is concentrated, perhaps, a problem.

If once the administration was under sovereignty of one country, then for some time now this administration is under sovereignty of other country.

Perhaps the first country does not agree with the transfer of control over the administration to the second country.

But it is one thing - to officially declare about disagreement, and another thing - a filing an official application. A filing, a submitting an official application, a request means de facto recognition of the transfer of control over the administration. 
Thin - such - the delicate moment.

And if to keep an order, procedure (the application, permission, the pilot), but to organize a submitting of the application so that this action does not hurt the pride of the "first" country and does not call into question the official declarations? 

It is possible.

For Sergei Sergeyevich obviously that it is possible.

He gives the main idea.

Specification can be carried out during negotiations.

Sergei Sergeyevich with relief sighed.

Replacement of anniversary of the Treaties of Tilsit by anniversary of creation of the Confederation of the Rhine is something “not that”...

He decided to look in Wikipedia - to look for anniversaries of outstanding achievements of the Russial diplomacy...

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