The Story about the interest in the events in Vene

The Story about the interest in the events in Venezuela on July 12, 2019

1. The agreement with the government of Norway, the agenda from six points, the commission will act on the constant basis, the reaching an agreement becomes a real


The authorities of Venezuela expressed confidence in an opportunity to reach the agreement with opposition

The Venezuelan leader Nicol;s Maduro called saturated three-day negotiations with opposition

CARACAS, on July 12. / TASS/. The authorities of Venezuela find it possible to reach the agreement with opposition for settlement of a situation in the country. It was said on Thursday by the governor of the state Miranda Hector Rodriguez participating in negotiations with opposition on Barbados.

"It will be a difficult way which will demand great efforts and patience, - he told during the performance which was broadcast in Periscope. - But I consider that we can conclude the agreement on peaceful co-existence".

The president Nicol;s Maduro noted that three-day negotiations with opposition turned out very saturated. "We have an agreement with the government of Norway, we will not disclose a detail. I can tell that we had an agenda from six points", - Maduro added.

Earlier, the Norwegian foreign Ministry, which mediates the negotiation process between the opposition and the Venezuelan authorities, said that the parties agreed to create a Commission to discuss ways out of the political crisis, which will act on a permanent basis.
In May in Oslo there passed at least two rounds of the indirect negotiations between the authorities and opposition of Venezuela organized with mediation of the government of Norway. On Monday the new stage of dialogue started on Barbados."

The comment.

There are also such factors: 

(1) a ratio between income and expenses (financial reserves, probably, are reduced),

(2) the development of the humanitarian crisis which became subject to close international attention,

(3) the need of personnel changes in the militarized structures for ensuring their loyalty.

Such methods as the pushing away of oppositional parliament and the creation (for replacement) of loyal constitutional assembly  do not work any more.

The kind Europeans try to find the most painless way out of the situation.

Three million Venezuelans emigrated and are forced to live outside their homeland…

Emigration is also, in a sense, an electoral technology... Along with others…

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