The Monologue Oh, Rio, Rio!

The Monologue Oh, Rio, Rio!

"Today was a troublesome day."

"How many annoying people!"

"These are not a young boys and girls in beautiful sports suits, with slender sports figures, with stylish haircuts and polite smiles!"

"With what fed today? Local borsch and buckwheat porridge? Local fish and mutton?" "It is not trepangs with onions and not spiny lobsters!"

"What do they show on TV? A sport competition? Is rewarding!" We had medals - more! In diameter..."

"After all this... I go to Rio... I will take a black caviar and a big silver spoon with myself."


"It is necessary to call, warn about arrival!"

"Where's the phone? So... The phone number..."

"Hallo, it is Rio?"

On July 14, 2019 17:26

Translation from Russian into English: July 14, 2019 17:48.
Владимир Владимирович Залесский “Монолог О Рио, Рио!”.