The Pamphlet how one muzhik fed two generals or ab

The Pamphlet how one muzhik fed two generals or about the eighty-year-old female resident of Khabarovsk

It turns out Daniel Defoe is the founder of political journalism. However, Daniel Defoe is primarily known not for his journalistic political works, and - by a book about Robinson Crusoe.

What is the peculiarity of Robinson Crusoe? This man came to a desert island, and his knowledge and skills, willpower and character was enough for the creation of a quite a civilized life. He became, in a sense, sir Robinson Crusoe.

But there were also hardworking and energetic people in Russia.

According to the level of diligence, with Robinson Crusoe the character created by Mikhail Evgrafovich Saltykov-Shchedrin (Muzhik who fed the two generals)   can be compared. ("What if I lived on a desert island and had only the Governor of the Chancellery as my interlocutor?"- "In front of them on one side a ocean stretched, on the other hand a small piece of earth lay, which was creeping  into the same boundless ocean").

(27 (15) may 1879 Turgenev read a fairy tale ... in favor of the Russian colony in Paris and took care of its translation into French). (Wikipedia)

Muzhik, he is how possible to understand, had no name.

Generals - they differed from each other - in old times. For example, the great traveler, scientist, General Nikolai Mikhailovich Przhevalsky, speaking figuratively, he could feed anyone – and not one, and not two people, and – a lot.

Sir Robinson Crusoe managed to organize the life in such a way, that a descendants of an officer who was involved in colonial war find in modern Great Britain on the attic of the family house of the value (trophies) brought by this officer home and sell these values for millions of pounds sterling presently.

As well as many European countries, Great Britain managed to endure World War II with rather small losses of the population and housing stock, infrastructure.

And now practically on any Russian the Internet the website (or on very many) numerous pleasant family news from Great Britain are placed on the tenth plan. Them, these news, people read.  Still, sometimes you need to read about how people live humanly.

What about muzhik who fed the two generals?

Events came to the peace Treaty of Brest-Litovsk  (1918). And muzhik already ought to feed not two generals, but numerous suffering people wishing a «liberetion» and a familiarizing with a modern civilization.

What is more in this desire – positive or negative? On this subject it is possible to argue much … Anyway, the honourable role of execution of this desire was assigned to that muzhik. And this honourable role was far heavier, than a task to feed two generals.

In general, after the peace Treaty of  Brest-Litovsk there was a lot of new events and circumstances. Civil war … For example if many governments of the European countries temporarily emigrated at the beginning of World War II to Great Britain and the USA, having evaded from participation in military operations, having saved both the population, and housing stock, and infrastructure, then the muzhik was in absolutely other situation. ("New life!" "Historical tasks!") Losses were and - considerable ones.

Women had harder and harder. It came to the fact that a many pleasant family news do not arrive, but there is terrible news about mothers and children, in General about the relationship of children and parents.

Needless to say, what about any finds in the attics of family homes of a values in the millions (roubles, dollars, pounds) are not talking.

In General, women are not easy, and the brains – in a tense state.

However, some suspicious persons in the news about the "terrible" eighty-year-old woman, resident of Khabarovsk, could see the "second bottom".

Nobody knows exactly how the media machine turns on and off.

Now there are several topical issues. For example.

1) Forced and maximum reduction of the sphere of privacy, restriction of the rights to privacy, in General - the desire to eliminate independent people and independent segments of the population.

Writers (as people financially dependent only on the readers, and because of this – relatively independent) – no.

Similarly, not only the national book market has been destroyed, but also the media market and other creative markets.

People of large, medium and small businesses do not belong to a notion of independent people.

There is no independent intelligentsia. 

They are entangling everyone and everything by the maximum vulnerability – through change of a set of rules. Changes of traffic regulations are most visible (in this regard).

At any time a life of any "ordinary" person can be changed by any requirement and action (provided by the law) – to short (15-20-30 minutes, 3 hours) or longer period of time.

Why the sphere of privacy is reduced? Why they are entangling everyone and everything by the maximum vulnerability?   
So not to all it is pleasant that somebody take away life and money, and property from them …

A rather an independent remained who? A pensioners. But the corresponding work is conducted … The retirement age raises … Actions and in other directions are carried out.

2) A very effective foreign and domestic economic policy requires certain financial efforts. In addition to other areas, attention is directed to the Pension Fund. However, projects of its "transformation"are sounded. Anyway, again there is a "problem" of pensioners.

3) The Far East, due to historical and geographical features, is distinguished by a certain political freedom of thought.

Oddly enough, all these three components are combined in the theme of "terrible" eighty-year-old woman from Khabarovsk.

In General, the media machine works... Money is required for a variety of expenses... And pensioners – just look at them! What they are!?

"They drove to treasury and how many here money got — that in the fairy tale can neither be told, nor by a feather to describe!"

Generally, I take off a hat to sir Robinson Crusoe and to the Muzhik who fed of two the generals.

"Now, have fun, Muzhik!".

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Владимир Владимирович Залесский “Памфлет как один мужик двух генералов прокормил или о восьмидесятилетней жительнице Хабаровска”.