The Sketch about a loud African tom-toms, black so

The Sketch about a loud African tom-toms, "black soils", agroholdings and bees

Once, - it was long ago, - Sergei Sergeievich found the existence of the people anxious with the fate of the Russian chernozems ("black soils") [particularly fertile soils].

These people published some articles and books with a circulation of 150 copies, were recognized as something like ascetics and enjoyed wide authority in narrow circles.

Sergei Sergeievich treated potential saviors of the Russian chernozems ironically.

What can a bee against a nuclear power plant to make? She can only buzz as a sign of an approval, pretending to be an electric bulb.

However, Sergei Sergeevich recognized a logical the very ideas of the defenders of the Russian black soils.

The Sun accumulated the energy in the chernozem. If only to consume these stocks, and not to restore (or to restore, but  not enough), then, naturally, these stocks will run low.

Another question is that if the way of life and existence of a person is associated with the use of a car, then in the absence of this person's income, he will save on replacing oil, some gaskets, filters, tires and other very interesting things. The result is clear. And what is illogical in this, if the task is to save on expenses?

When the loud noise of an African tom-toms connected with high productivity (either they or exceeded, or overtook, or outstripped) began, Sergei Sergeievich especially did not remember chernozems. Loud noise of tom-toms in itself aroused intuitive mistrust.

Then there was an interview. Some completely unknown and incompetent person was taking an interview. On the contrary, a person with extensive knowledge and experience was gaving an interview.

Sergei Sergeievich was surprised by some clarifying questions addressed to a competent person. These questions were very unusual. Behind them lurked some unusual interest.

Sergei Sergeievich suggested that some loud paper was being prepared. Naturally, competent people are pushed aside, as it is necessary now,  in the position, which reminding an usage ... unfair... Someone will brag of the made paper and achievements…

Then  the theme flashed - the theme about the destruction by an agricultural holdings [a huge agricultural organizations] of the village – that is, a village life... Someone pump out an income.  At the expense of whom? Some rural people (numerous?) remain without a home, without a job and without a normal life…

Finally, as expected, to replace a Tam-Tams a tocsins, a special alarm bells, came.

The alarm sounded loudly.

Bees began to die. Yes so die that the central mass media made terrible noise.

At this point, it turned out that bees do not die all. Some of them survive. They continue to collect pollen. Some individuals have the good fortune to eat a low-quality honey.

Through teeth someone had deigned to mention that the processing of fields with chemicals affects not only bees, but other animals – wild and farm ones, including the animals, which people use for food…

In General, there is income - on the one hand, - and there are costs - on the other hand…

What can you do about it?

It turns out that there is a problem in the world – a lot of forests are cut down for the production of palm oil.

The ecological movement against deforestation was formed.

Sergei Sergeievich sympathizes with this movement. The forests are inhabited by different animals. Birds... Where can they go? Plus forests are involved, in various forms, in the production of oxygen and fresh water.

But he does not have the ability to support such a movement with money or actions.

Sergei Sergeievich is going to continue reading about the struggle for the preservation of forests that are cut down to expand the production of palm oil!

Now there is the flow of information, misters! You, turning on some device – computer, TV, radio, - you can hear something joyful about the growth of productivity, the incredible growth of agricultural exports (they almost outrun the tsarist Russia!).

July 15, 2019 14:22

Translation from Russian into English: July 15, 2019 15:12.
Владимир Владимирович Залесский “Скетч о громких африканских там-тамах, чернозёмах, агрохолдингах и пчёлах”.