The Sketch about the dream of the complete aboliti

The Sketch about the dream of the complete abolition of the CMTPL

Sergei Sergeievich in the main library of the country continued to get acquainted with rules of fishing.

However he felt that his thoughts constantly return to subject CMTPL (obligatory insurance for transport).

They buzz the ears with this CMTPL!

Sergei Sergeievich tried to systematize the knowledge and opinions on the CMTPL.

So far he did not start complex reading on this subject yet.

Therefore, he in this subject takes the place of the amateur having the right for mistakes and for doubtful conclusions.

So … What to begin with …

Sergei Sergeievich somehow heard on radio opinion of the authoritative legal husband who explained that the insurance company, having paid a certain sum on an insurance, has the right to demand it from the perpetrator.

If this rule corresponds to the truth, then if the owner (or the potential owner) an insurance is guilty of causing damage, then the insurance gives nothing to him.

He pays-pays-pays-pays (buys insurance), but when he causes damage, he reimburses the damage in full (what's the difference to whom to pay - to a "partner" in an accident or to an insurance company?).

In this option, perhaps, the one, who receives money from responsible for road accident, from a responsible for damage, wins. This "lucky person" ideally receives money quickly and without problems – them, this money, the insurance company pays to "lucky person".

From this situation clearly – if the owner (or the potential owner) is responsible for road accident and responsible for damage, then the insurance nothing him does not give. He, ideally, is obliged to indemnify loss in full. The CMTPL in this case is an "unnecessary" option.

Sergei Sergeievich passes to the analysis of the second option.

The owner (or potential owner) is neither the culprit of the accident nor the culprit of the damage. He gets money. In this case the CMTPL is very useful!

Easier to get money!

But Sergei Sergeievich is entangled by doubts …

First, whether such person can receive money?... It seems, he has the right for repair of the corresponding cost … But with repair – a separate package of a headache … It is a subject big, separate …

Sergei Sergeievich heard recently the comment of a car expert (so a radio host  called the guest of the program), which gave an example.

Participants of road accident signed "evroprotokol" ("European Accident Statement"), hoping for payment of several hundred thousands of rubles, however, in practice it turned out that conditions of obtaining this sum are, allegedly, so difficult and exigeant that it was necessary to be limited to one hundred thousand rubles.

If to be guided by this separate case and to take into account well-known problems (insurance cost, often need of efforts for acquisition of the policy, risks of a “forced” imposing of additional insurance services), a new rules ("style of driving"?), quite perhaps, it is simpler this sum (100,000 rubles) or to demand from a responsible person (he needs cares with judicial problems and other expenses of time?)  or to attribute them to their own unforeseen expenses (it is unpleasant and not fair, but there is also – in the absence of CMTPL - a huge saving of money, effort, attention, time...).

Sergei Sergeievich personally was not present at this case described by a car expert. But he two times personally saw as drivers paid off between themselves after scratches (in one case - 85 percent of probability - there was a setup, a criminal provocation). 500 rubles, the receipt and good-bye, all are free off problems. CMTPL  not necessary. New wise changes in traffic regulations into account are not taken. It is necessary to cause and wait?... It is not necessary to cause and wait?...

So, for whom first of all the CMTPL is useful?

First of all it is useful for owners (1) of very expensive cars at which any scratch costs tens of thousands of rubles, (2) confident that they will be recipients, but not payers of money.

And what if to outline possible rules of possible life without CMTPL?

Sergei Sergeievich with a clever look wrote the corresponding rules on the sheet of paper.

1. To buy the cheapest cars,
2. To be the most careful during driving,
3. Before a trip to think over possible risks and to plan the safest trip.

However, Sergei Sergeievich was captured by doubts.

The main obstacle – a lot of money accumulates. It is possible to tell – a mountain. Everything, or a lot of things, are told by this.

To this reason a lot of things it is added – from a habit to a show off (a personal performances), up to a possibility of discussions on a set of questions and separate examples.

It is clear, that in case of cancellation of the CMTPL someone will win, and someone will lose.

Sergei Sergeievich once again looked at a leaf with rules, and hid it in a pocket.

A headache, may be … 

Rules of fishing – quieter subject!

Sergei Sergeievich began to read about rules of fishing.

This pleasure! You read, you analyze, you remember, and a new changes, additions arrive at this time …

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