The Sketch about a difficulty of understanding of

The Sketch about a difficulty of understanding of some historical truths for a modern person

Sergei Sergeievich's life experience is largely connected with the modern era.

As the person inquisitive he, having learned about the 450 anniversary of the Lublin union (1569), started search, using a key word combination, on the Internet.

There is interesting information!

The Polish anniversary coin to the 450 anniversary of the Lublin union is released. On a coin an inscription:

«Wolni do wolnych, r;wni do r;wnych».

Sergei Sergeievich became interested.

He found the online translator, for the translation from Polish into Russian, and tried to get a language transfer.

What turned out?

"Free of charge, it is ravnoravno equal".

It is not clear at all.

Sergei Sergeievich found other on-line translator. New attempt.

"Are free for free, equal, as equals".

This text can form the basis for guesses, but all the same it is not clear.

Sergei Sergeievich continues the search.

In article Wikipedia (in Polish) devoted to a barrow in Lviv (Union of Lublin Mound) in the High castle (artificial hill was created on the occasion of the 300 anniversary of the Lublin union (1569)) there was a phrase:

«Napis jest przer;bk; cytatu z zawartej w 1658 unii hadziackiej wolni do wolnych, r;wni do r;wnych i zacni do zacnych».

Sergei Sergeievich starts the automatic translation. A new attempt.

The result is as follows:

"The inscription is a modification of a quote from the Union of the Hadiach [Treaty of Hadiach], was signed in 1658, free to free, equal and equal and respected by the nobles.»

In many cases, an interest in history gives more questions than answers.

Intuitively, Sergei Sergeievich guesses that the inscription on the modern coin - is about the Union of free and equal people....

"Some historical truths are difficult for modern man to understand!"- Sergei Sergeievich comes to such conclusion. – “The General sense is clear. The details are difficult to understand.”

15 July 2019 08:53

Translation from Russian into English: July 15, 2019 09:27.
Владимир Владимирович Залесский “Скетч о трудности понимания некоторых исторических истин для современного человека”.