The Dialogue about the scenario

The Dialogue about the scenario

- Hello! May I come in?..

- Great, our hope... Come in...

Judging by the sound of footsteps, the visitor comes in.

- Here.

A few minutes of silence. Some sounds. It seems to be something rustling.

- So... Tell me about your plans.

- There's a case, very noisy...

- When are you broadcasting it?

- Today...

- Give … shortly...

- She's either in the Studio or on the line. Speaks out the case. She tense, showing anxiety. She is afraid, but appealing to public opinion.

- Public opinion is the fourth power.

- Then, I find out, what else she has left at the moment, related to this case.

- It is necessary to know, than she confirms the statements.

- She answers. Then I connect him through the communication line. "Dialogue live! Let's find out the truth together!" "Where is truth? And where is falsehood!?"

- It's hard to find out, but we have to do it.

- He declares, that everything, that she told, not adequate to a situation.

- Excited people often inaccurately convey their thoughts.

- Yeah. A couple of times I give the floor to her, a couple of times I give the floor to him.

- This is the principle of objectivity in the coverage of the topic.

- Further in view of discrepancy in positions of the parties I suggest to make personal contact. Let she will fly to him and  she will see everything with own eyes.

- If she's very concerned about her case, why don't she go.

- She says she'll look at her plans. In short, she does not give a positive answer or consent to the trip.

- It's logically.

- I declare that we on the air found out the truth. I add that I have a phone number, contacts. That she can to make a visit when it is convenient to her, and everything to see with own eyes.

- No one interferes her, -  if she wants to.

- We've helped. A case exists. There is a possibility to get more information for this case. To make a trip, to find out the situation through a personal visit... We offered. She did not give a positive answer. We organized a dialogue. The case been reduced.

- Perfectly. When you go to trip?

- I've just arrived.

- The program when?

- Today...

-  When are you going?

- Tomorrow...

- Well. I'm waiting...

- See you soon.

- See you soon.

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Translation from Russian into English: July 16, 2019 21:02.
Владимир Владимирович Залесский «Диалог о сценарии».