The Sketch about water problems

The Sketch about water problems

Not everyone is always interested in "water problems".

For example, there is the Don River. It is clear that this river is in a pre-crisis (up-to-crisis) situation.

Why pre-crisis (up-to-crisis) situation? Because the areas adjacent to the banks of the Don River are among the most densely populated ones.

The river does not have a possibility to recover. Drains, a water intake for the drinking, household, economic purposes...

Are you concerned about the political line of increasingly large-scale construction in these regions?

Why would that bother you?

Because the more the population and industrial facilities, the more are the water consumtion, the more wastewater is produced and the different kinds of trash?

You see, there are special people who with delight will repeat the word "investments" and they will say that fears have no basis.

What is at your disposal? Logic and the ability to think? They have the media and a lot of other things at their disposal...

In General, your correspondence confrontation with these people is useless.

The situation, if logically to speak, will go, will transform from pre-crisis (up-to-crisis) situation to a crisis.

But there's nothing to worry about. There are specialists. And these experts are ready at any moment to help.

Let's say there are problems with the restoration of the don river. But there is also the so-called Academy of Sciences!

Is it difficult to organize any the "Don center"?

This hypothetical the "Don center" will find a relatively prosperous place and organize there a scientific base with a yacht and other opportunities to spend time in the South, at place of the confluence of one of the rivers with the sea of Azov and other advantages.

And since all the figures of the Academy of Sciences are not very far from scientific research, a visit to such a scientific base is quite natural. A budget funding can be considered guaranteed.

The positive impact of such a hypothetical scientific center on a solving the problems of the Don River is only an assumption. And suddenly somebody during a trip on the yacht will fry some small fish and will think up, will invent a something?

And the Institute of water problems at the Far East center Academies of Sciences exists. This precisely.
Do you doubt? No need to doubt.

This was such a problem - there was spontaneous dam across the  Bureya River  (the Bureya Reservoir). It was in the middle or end of December 2018.

So, if you have a penchant for reading materials on the Internet, you can find comments on the situation made by experts on water problems.

It turns out that the dam appeared in deserted, distant, hard-to-reach places, the equipment can not be delivered there, you just have to wait. Something will happen.

If you are an Amateur and not an "expert" on water problems, you can to assume, you can to understand what will happen if such a forecasts-recommendations are taken seriously...

First, there will be an extraordinary flooding of large areas (a catastrophic situation), and then something can happen to the dam and in the most unfavorable case, a powerful and high wave will reach Chinese territory with all the ensuing consequences (an another even a more catastrophic situation)... There are different scenarios...

But not all are employees of the Academy of Sciences, not all are employees of the Institute of water problems...

And not everyone believed in these "forecasts-recommendations"...

Military engineers received the order - to create the artificial channel in a dam.

The transfer, the delivering of equipment and explosives began towards area of the dam.

In this situation, to continue to argue that a places are difficult to reach, and it is necessary just to wait, - not just a nonsense, but an obvious nonsense.  The "experts" (yet) does not agree to speak out the obvious nonsense.

The position changes. It turns out when an up blastings for creation of the artificial channel begin, the new landslide will come down. It will be not a small landslide. It will be very dangerous landslide. He will create a river tsunami.

If military engineers have an order, and they start its implementation, then this is one situation.

But if the "specialist" gives an unfavorable forecast, actually warns of mass risks for military personnel, then this is an other situation. The Criminal code has the following wording: "a person foresaw the possibility of socially dangerous consequences of his actions (inaction), but without sufficient grounds presumptuously hoped to prevent these consequences."  We in due time reported. You "foresaw", - you keep in mind!

Nevertheless at "predictor" nothing left. He achieved nothing.

The channel was created. Water went forward.

Again a situation for the "expert" is unpleasant. Again it is necessary to change a position.

"The remains of a dam will slow up a stream of river water. There will be floodings. The artificial canal will be filled with fragments of ice and trees". (In this situation to make "forecasts" a little easier because and without spontaneous dam in this area there are periodically floods).

Again the forecast - bad shot.  Again the forecast is wide of the mark.

What in this situation needs to be done with such predictor?

If times were in a Stalin epoch, to him at worst would solder an article of a wrecking, a sabotage. In in a less cruel variant he could recieve a reprimand, a thrust, a push under the back, or a laboratory assistant's position.

But now times not of a Stalin age. Now great reformers and experts on economy twist a steering wheel.

If someone imagines a beautiful small pillow, and on it a medal (the medal is solemnly handed with pronouncing solemn speeches) - that this "someone" will not be mistaken. Really - a medal.

Very good! The medal!

So after all, water problems have not gone away. Give to here an effective forecasters!

A flood in the Irkutsk region. 25 dead. There are missing persons.

Where your forecasts, where yours 3D-models, predictors? Specialists in water problems!...

It is not necessary to hurry... Great reflections about water problems can not  tolerate a bustle.

Meanwhile, residents of the capital get stuck in a traffic jams. The overpass flooded.

"Large transport jams are observed in Moscow because of a rain. Earlier it was reported about floodings near Butyrsky and Big Savelovsky overpasses and also under Rustaveli's overpass. MOSCOW, on July 17. / TASS/."

These are water problems? Probably... In any case, not the first problems with flooding in the capital of a transport ways...

Do you wait for useful forecasts recommendations?

Here situation thin. It is necessary to make an expedition of kilometers so on 600 (naturally, at the expense of the state budget), to arrive in some difficult place. At  this place from one "to accept", and to others "to transfer". And to present a breast any more not under a medal, and under a Star. Courage, however, has been shown.

And to move in a post of a vice president of Academy of Sciences.
Now a personnel music is played by great reformers and experts on economy!

And residents of the capital can stand in traffic jams. "It is difficult to drive along Dmitrovskoye Highway because of flooding of the carriageway under the Butyrsky overpass. According to a source of TASS in the emergency services of the city, as a result of emergency around flooding six cars got stuck."

Nobody cancelled a water problems.

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Translation from Russian into English: July 17, 2019 23:27.
Владимир Владимирович Залесский “Скетч о водных проблемах”.