The Sketch about the interview with Minister Lavro

The Sketch about the interview with Minister Lavrov, the foreign policy and about digits

Sergei Sergeevich recently heard another fairy tale-project.

Some talker, awarded the honor of the invitation on the broadcast, explained the foreign policy project about the "development" by Russia some tropical island.

First, a grain will be delivered there. "We have difficulties with elevators, with a grain storage. The grain will be transported towards the tropical island. The grain will be stored and be consumed there. And everything will be good with the Russian grain".

Secondly, there Russia will extract rare metal. Now any farms, houses, villas of locals are located  in the respective territory of the island. They against extraction of metal. They're against mining. But they need to be offered decent compensation. Russia organizes the production of metal. He, this metal, is in great demand in the world.

Third, Russia will set up a military airfield and a military base there. She will prepare on a tropical island effective landing troops. From where a such idea? Recently there were exercises of foreign armies, and they showed that foreign armies are not able to land. 40 percent of equipment at landing was destroyed. Russia is able to land (example and figures-percent weren't called). So, she can train, prepare the local landing troops, and they will be perfectly from the island be delivered up to the nearest mainland.

Business went to the traditional offer to construct the NPP.

Being a person creative, the talker made a small pause and significantly said: "But implementation of all this project will demand its preliminary acceptance. And its acceptance demands efforts..."

A new, significant, pause...

The radio host decided to show the activity, having used a careless pause of the foreign policy fool sly fellow.

- And how many all this costs?

From the answer of the fool sly fellow followed that foreign policy activity – a sublime business. This business above figures and above money (higher of a figures, and higher of a  money).

Sergei Sergeievich is not an expert in the American foreign policy. But he was accustomed to the fact that when some qualified people talk about American foreign policy, the figures sound.

For example. How much is the cost of a placement of the American troops abroad? Figures announced.

The President Donald Trump demands from allies to increase their defense expenditure. Figures announced.

The wall on border between Mexico and the USA are a question foreign policy? In any case, it is known how many the wall costs and can cost.

The President Trump demands from Mexico to strengthen fight against the movement of illegal migrants. He plans to increase duties on goods from Mexico. If Mexico does not begin active fight against the movement of illegal migrants, then she will lose such sums. And duties can increase. Again figures announced.

Figures, figures, figures.

When it comes about the Russian foreign policy, Sergei Sergeievich hears a comparisons, a general words, but practically does not hear any figures.

Once, in some broadcast there was a subject of costs of construction of the NPP in Turkey. Two-three phrases... and they jumped off a subject...

("We ahead in construction of the NPP!" Powerful sounds of the African tom-toms...).

And here another interview of the Minister Lavrov is published.

(00:01 17/07/2019 Vitaly Tseplyaev. "For the tango two are necessary". Exclusive interview of Sergei Lavrov of "AIF". Article from the newspaper: Argumenty i Fakty weekly No. 29 17/07/2019)

Of course, it is interesting to analyse details: Venezuela, legal status of the Kerch Strait, relation with Ukraine, etc.

But Sergei Sergeievich feels the aspiration to approach from more common positions.

He looks for in this interview of a mention of financial expenses, about rubles, about other monetary units.

It is impossible to find...

Several figures, it seems, are...

"As for 12 million Chinese which are allegedly living in the Far East and in Siberia, the reliability of this figure raises great doubts. And the related fears are obviously exaggerated."

"So far we managed to return home 90 children. In Iraq, according to us, there is about 30 more."

(Dear Minister, apparently, did not speak about the Kerch Strait...).

Figures make a strange impression. There are no data? How the policy without availability of exact data is built? And really the Minister Lavrov thinks that with a growth of the Chinese population  problems will not appear?

And what it is better - to try to obtain amnesty of mothers or - to separate children and mothers? An independent opinion on this occasion is not heard...  Who is responsible to (before) children deprived of mothers?

But Sergei Sergeievich heard that some economic indicators grow already very long term... Whether 0.6 percent, whether 0.8 percent of growth. Also there will be the Russian base whether on the Moon, whether on Mars - or in 2020, either 2030, or 2050.

At the same time there is information on the increasing debts of Russials. Trip abroad is forbidden for about three million people! Sharp growth of the bans in 2019. Something about growth of mortality. The growth - in the summer - of a prices of some kinds of food...

Foreign policy is a very lofty cause! Thank you, Minister Lavrov! Thank you, all-all-all persons, for the confident movement of Russia in a foreign policy happiness!

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