The Sketch Achtung Panzer!

The Sketch Achtung – Panzer!

Long ago one of familiar with laughter told Sergei Sergeievich an amusing episode.

This person was a teenager during the World War II and became the witness of certain episodes.

The amusing episode was connected with fast approach of troops of Hitlerite Germany in the first months of war.

The population of the Soviet Union (Russia) was of the different level of education, and not all understood what occurs and how events develop.

Once the teenager became the witness of a delighted statement of one of the Soviet inhabitants, man in the street, about the great prospects of succession of events.

This inhabitant with a huge enthusiasm spoke about brilliant prospects: "In an expedited manner Guderian's troops move!" "They on the way!".

According to the teenager the inhabitant just did not understand that Guderian – not the Soviet, but the German military leader.

After many years at the former teenager this episode caused a good mood and smile.

Sergei Sergeievich remembered this amusing episode in connection with emergence on the Internet of news about detection at some head of some election commission of the real estate abroad.

Yes … and recently nicely this commission sounded … She was checking something out... She allowed someone to elections, and did not allow someone.

Coincidentally, even the head of the legal service of this election Commission was made a "honored lawyer".

Lawyers have a different professional orientation.

Someone "will think up" a separation of powers.

Someone will suggest to found an institution of juries.

Thomas Jefferson, for example, wrote the “Jefferson Bible” and became the author of he Declaration of Independence.

Declarations are written … What needs to be done?

Someone reads tweets on the Internet and fusses around tweets (what else to do after 25 years of hard "grassroots" work (the  work on the "local" level)? Habits of the mind make themselves known...).

Someone reads documents of persons interested to become candidates and defines whom to allow to elections and whom – not to allow.

It is difficult for ordinary person to understand all this …

On September 15, 1941 the 2nd Panzer Group commanded by Guderian joined with 1st Panzer Group under Kleist's command. After capture of Kiev "Kleist's tanks" went to Rostov. But in Rostov they were waited by the first large failure of 1941.

The Fuhrer was alarmed by failure. In early December 1941,  he took off to the south of Russia. He performed inspection of troops and a conversation with officers and soldiers in the territory of the Rostov Oblast.

But everything was useless.

Guderian did not help.

It is difficult for ordinary person to understand all this …

"Really, on the bank of the Adriatic Sea? Two apartments?!"

It is obvious not the  Khutor of Chikilev…

"It is difficult for ordinary person to understand all this …" - Sergei Sergeievich sighed. – "In some sense the inhabitant  was right… The general defeat of Hitler began with defeat near Rostov-on-Don … Though it was von Kleist … Hitler arrived too … Guderian was at this time near the city of Ryazan? …".

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