The Fairy Tale of turnip, updated

The Fairy Tale of turnip, updated

Writer Belyaev received a new grant to write a fairy tale about turnip taking into account new realities.

In the writer Belyaev's memory  such memories about the content of this tale remained.

Several actors were pulling, draged a turnip and, as a result, pulled out.

Nowadays new people came – the aspiration "outrun, overtake, surpass",  is very developed. That is by means of some trick to push aside, be there before those (or that) who was reaching, who was striving for the goal. To take the "main",  the “central” position.

Or – a "leadership of a performance". Or – a "performance of leadership".

The experience of the transformation of fairy tales is available. There are different examples... The Fairy Tale "Golden key" by Alexey Nikolaevich Tolstoy is one of the famous examples…

Writer Belyaev took a sheet of paper and began to sketch a new version of the tale.

Different participants are pulling a turnip. But one of the participants of the process - the energetic woman - is not alien to the  "leadership of a performance". Or – "a  performance of leadership ".

She took a convenient position for photographing with a turnip removed from the ground.

Writer Belyaev decided to provide the "force" of the content of the updated fairy tale in the simplest and most accessible way.

He went to the vegetable store to buy turnips for eating. The taste of the turnip will tell how to complete the tale.

Writer Belyaev was disappointed. The shop assistant reported that turnip – in a field. Turnip remained in a field …

However, grant was received, and the tale need to be completed.

What if I will borrow something from the “Golden key”?

Pinocchio put a few gold coins. It rained. Cat Basilio and Fox Alice dug a lot of gold coins.

The writer Belyaev became cheerful.  The moving of heroes of the fairy tale by A.N. Tolstoy into own text, disconcerted, a little … But there's nothing to be done …

"I'm applying for a new grant!»

19 July 2019 19:26

Translation from Russian into English: July 19, 2019 19:58.
Владимир Владимирович Залесский “Сказка о репке, обновлённая”.