Refugee from Yourself part 1 Movie script

Marsh of Fascists in Latvia. German men try to stop it.

1 Svetlana on the bad, turning around. Bed dream. Fascists . Swastikas.  Shouting

2 Beautiful dressed in business suit, brown hair young women sitting on the computer making voice editing in the office of Latvian Radio station. Suddenly not young colleague - not big boss, but boss for Svetlana cover his face by both hands:
- OMG! I'm fully forgot! Today mr Jurasons goes out to the universe ocean travel around the world... Svetlana,  I know, only you can take that INTERVIEW. Can you go now?
 - Yes, of course.
- Great. Actually his Yaсht will sails away after 1 hr... What you look?! RUN!
 Sveta quickly take the microphone and sound recorder and running to the Yacht to take INTERVIEW from that big politician.

Not to much time, but need to cross the river... The bus not coming quick. She can't wait. Close to the traffic lights stoped a car. Svetlana quickly open the door and ask shocked driver:
 - Do you go through that big bridge?
 - Yes, but... - His eyes are full of misunderstanding.
- Please help me to get there!
 They crossing the bridge in the next seconds.
 - What's happened? - driver ask.
 -Just need to catch one politician before he will sails away...
  - Oh... Thats interesting...
 There is the road sign - the way is closed. But driver decided to ignore it...
 - Thank you so much! -  and she run to the security entrance.

 Big police - security guy ask her for special invitation. Svetlana try to explain, she is journalist,  showing her microphone... Policeman:
 - Look, here is very special event... Even journalists have to show an special invitation...
  " Probably my boss fully forgot and didn't have time to organise that..."  - Svetlana thinking,  but don't try to get out of there.
  - And what you standing here? What can we do?!
 - I don't know what you will do,  but I'll jump to the river and will swim around!
 - Oh, no! If you will do that, I have to follow you to save your life... Better I'll give you permission to go through...
 Very high persons walking around, talking to each other... Svetlana running through nearly to push out the president of Latvia - Vaira Vike Freiberga.
 - Who is that? - president ask some men. He can't tell anything.

Next moment Svetlana take INTERVIEW from one politician.  He stand with glass of champagne and satisfied talking. Camera 2 seconds shows how Svetlana takes interview without sound.
Start Fireworks.

3 Same time in prison... Policeman hit blond young prisoner by big book and ask to sign papers. He say no. Hit again.
- You will sign it. Today or tomorrow... -
with a sarcastic smile on his face.

Next day. Prisoner is exhausted. 
- We we caught your brother. If you will not sign, he will sit here too - telling with terrible smile
ROLAND sign papers
  Prison window. Latvian terrible prison view. His mood - no future...

4 Svetlana Dancing on Disco. Next moment she sit together with one DJ. He show her how to put CD to the players and how to mix...
Prison. Bad guys. One of them:
- Here will be Like I SAID!

5  Svetlana in Hairdressing making hairstyle for one very fussy client and give recommendations.
Even can make without sound - with music
Roland working on prison kitchen - give kasha for other prisoners.

After finishing that job, he go to the kitchen backyard and sit down to the steps fully exhausted and look to nowhere.
Come second prisoner - worker and introduce to him a cigarette.
- Thanks, brother, but I'm not smoking. - He stand up and slowly go back to the kitchen.

6    Short review of life of Svetlana
Running to INTERVIEW,  Making Hairstyles,
Working as DJ , Showing where to put big bottle with spring water in some office, sleeping at studies in university...

7 Svetlana come back from holiday , but find out her working place with computer is busy... There sitting one guy...
- Hi! I'm actually sitting here...
- But now I'm sitting here - answered he with egotistical smile.
- Look, it's my working computer, I need my data for work!
- Ok, you can use it couple hours,  I need to go to one meeting anyway...

Short moments of their office fights every day. She calling some client, he showing her funny faces. She angry.
He through to her paper plane. She start attack him back...
They start fighting closer and closer... He took her and try to throw her out to the window... She fight by hands and yell.
Suddenly kiss . Her shocked eyes

Happy moments:
They running on the beach. Flat Latvian beach. Just sand and small waves ( no rocks). Kissing in the water...
New year celebration. They stand in the front of window and see fireworks.

9 Happy sleeping together. Somebody rude knock to the door. They wake up and see how the door fly out... 5 people in police dress get in to the room.
 Stand up facing to the wall!
 - What's going on? What...?!
R. try to fight and received strong hit of back side of the gun
She fully in shock stand holding bed shit around her naked body and cry from the shock and shame...
 - Books flying out from the shelf, dress to the floor. They try to show it like it's searching, but the purpose is to scare Roland,  they don't search, they show what at any time they can put drugs to his flat and take him to prison...

10 Roland explained after on the kitchen:
- I have been worked in my garage repairing cars...
 6 years ago:
Garage. Roland under the car. Police come in to the Service... Roland get out from the car, swipe his very dirty hands and look to them.
  - we have order to search...
 The police officer ask questions:
- How long do you working here? What is your woking time?
 While Roland's attention is in conversation,  other policemen put in package to one tool box...
Soon after that he said:
-  Look, what is here!
Roland get white and face is froze from the shock...
Arrest. Hands behind, to the Latvian police car, closing car's door, closing heavy prison doors with terrible sound
Like quick review repeating scenes from cruel prison: torture, dash and small part of the sunlight getting through ...

 - Now you know everything. - Roland say.
- But how come? What's the hell?! Did you tried to prove in the court?
-  Tried. In Latvian courts win just someone who have more money or more right connections.
- No! I'm not believe that. Now everything changed- Latvia now is joined to European Union - and have to follow the law very strictly!
 I thought same when I get out from the prison. I'm believed, now I can find the justice... I found good solicitor and we sent papers to the court. And you see - what happened?!  Now they try to scare me specially for I'm stop that court things.
 - Does mean only one - they scare from you, - she a bit smile.
He get angry:
 - Look, they could right now to do same - to put drugs somewhere and bring me to the prison again!
- Probably they can't anymore. That because just scare you.
- I hope so...
His eyes ...

11 Roland call his solicitor.
- Tonight the police coming to my apartment...
- They also called me and treated me. Said,  if ill help you with your case I'll vey regret after... I think, you need to write down about that incident and your girlfriend will be witness.

12  Night. Roland @ Svetlana sleeping. Phone call
 Svetlana answer:
- Allo?
- If you don't stop that court, find the place at the Cemetery...
Svetlana's face in the moonlight. She is in the shock.
- Who it was?
- I don't know... he give recommendation to find place in Cemetery ...
She moved closer ti him. He hug her stronger.

Roland calling to solicitor. Solicitor:
- I don't know,  guys what you did to that guys, but something weed happening...
I'm received strange phone calls...
- They also called you?! - Roland wondering.
- Don't worry- it's just mean, you digging to deeply. He try to laugh, but stopped by coughing.

13  Svetlana and Roland come back from Shopping. They come in to the entrance,  flirting and kissing. Roland opens the letterbox,  take out some letters and one strange paper. On the small piece of shit writing in Latvian Language: " Jums ir j;mekl; vietu kapos! " Roland translated: "Look for a place in the cemetery!"

aces quickly changing from happiness to fully down.

Roland calling to solicitor:
- Hello! We received here an warning letter... How is going our things at the court?
- Really bad... Your case is fully disappeared from the court...
- What?!
- Yes, it's like not exist and like never existed!
- How come?! No... How it could be?
Solicitor very quietly:
- Sometimes some people have to much power... They can do many things without any leads...
- I thought we living in European Union where is human rights respect and normal law system... not like 6 years ago when people did whatever they want...
- Unfortunately Latvia joined European Union just recently... And corruption still exists even in very good countries...
- Ok, what can we do now?! I would recommend... nothing...
What?!  I have been threaten for nothing,  I spend my best years in prison without hope to get out... And now I can't prove anything?!
- Probably not now. But we can try later...

Panoramic view of the City moving from one side to another making feeling like your head going around and you want to fly away from that.

14 Fight in the darkness. 3 people against one. In the very slow lights seems just some hits, hearing sounds of fight.

The door opening,  Roland stand in the door-  dirty, jacket, face, hair in blood...
Svetlana breadth in with horror sound and close her face with hands and bending like want to cover herself from terrible picture.
After that start running around the room and kitchen trying to find something. He can't find bandage, therefore she tear out the bed shit and bring small basin with water.
 She washed his face and make bandage on hand.
  - Who did it to you? - she asked finally
- I don't know. There was to dark, I didn't saw any faces...
- They wanted your money?
- No. They didn't asked anything.
- And what they needed if not asked for money?!
- Probably just wants to scare me.
Svetlana slowly sit down to the bed with arriving understanding:
- They want to show us how easily they can kill...

Morning. Svetlana on the kitсhen
Roland- I'm calling the solicitor ...
Phone on the laud speaker but he doesn't answer anymore...
In Solana's eyes is full of extinct hope...

15  call to home phone. Roland answer
Men online talking quite rude:
I'll wait you tomorrow in limousine close to the Lower's Clock at 5 o'clock.
Ja tu ne atnaksi viens pats, mes atradisim tavu draudzeni... ( in Latvian does mean if you will not come alone, we will find your girlfriend...)

16 Security guy coming to Roland
- Your name is Roland?
- Yes
- Follow me
Security open the limousin's door and slightly push him inside to the car.

Bending to the car, Roland ask straight away:
- What do you need from me?!
Not young gentlemen in Limousin :
We hinted to you many times ... And you still don't understand...
Situation now is quite dangerous... For you... - slight, not nice smile , -
how do you recon?
Roland  clenched his lips.
Rich men slowly continue:
I would recommend... No. I'm really telling you,  if you don't leave the country during next couple month, I cannot warranty,  your girlfriend survives and you will not go to prison again...

17 Airport. Svetlana and Roland sitting only with one luggage and one laptop. 
Svetlana trying to find good point in this situation:
- At least we don't have yet to many stuff...
He kissed her to his face and hug.

Airplane start, fly...
View of very high , clouds.
Sydney Buildings under the plane.
The Plane lands
Roland get out from the airport building and jump around the first tree. Yelling:
Freedom! Freedom! Ah-haha!
Svetlana stand close to the luggage but not feel Happiness.  She have bad feelings...