The Sketch the View of theater critic about the Gr

The Sketch the View of theater critic about  "the Grandiose theatre" project

As you know, the current authorities are very concerned about the development of culture and about a support for talented young people.

At Committee on culture the Public council is created!

One of the trends in contemporary theatrical art is the blurring of the boundaries between the stage and the audience.

Theatre comes into a life.

Respectively, the  "Grandiose theater" project was created..

In the backward West countries (including,  Ukraine) there is a procedure of a collateral (a deposit).  You want to to go through a ballot? Deposit, - you risk with your money - you may do a journey through the election. Seek a support of voters.

But under such procedure what talents can emerge? What can be theater?

People in chairs and with big salaries (not all, but most them) - they are wanting to develop talents and upgrade of theatre arts. They created many obstacles on the path of a vigorous and courageous persons willing to plunge...

Especially - financial literacy! Look at the data on the growth of the number of Russian residents with large debts. The whole country cannot turn into financial slaves - someone has to take care of a financially illiterate citizens?

Who should to take care? There are people. And they have acquaintances... These acquaintances (persons) are appointed as members of  election commissions. These election commissions make papers - called "protocols"  - sign them and give to "those".

And "those" show these papers to all the others and explain that they are the people's deputies. They care for all, develop culture and maintain talents.
And the theater comes into a life.

Grandiose (we can say - big) theater!

Now, many civilians may feel themselves free thinkers, the Hegelian, members of the Petrashevsky circle, the supporters of the Constitution in the period of absolute monarchy ("We want universal, equal, direct (with  a confidential) - as in 1936 !!!").

Local script (option).

"Young man?! Why are you banging your forehead against the wall!!!"

Do you know how to answer this question?

(1) "it has lost its strength - It's rotten." (2)  "What actor perishes!" ("What an artist dies…"), etc.

There is a minister - he writes plays about "wall". Perhaps, he will prompt - as the famous theatrical figure?

The press reports on the development of talents. One Mademoiselle, like Demosthenes, develops her talent. He along a seashore went to a storm and recited speeches ("the sword which was going down from a ceiling pricked him every time when he, on a habit, raised a shoulder").

Mademoiselle walks in front of the slender rows, during various events, and reads the Constitution - of 1993. If the Constitution was of 1992, it would have been easy. And if you read the Constitution of 1993, it's like reading with pebbles in your mouth. 
Literary talents stand on the doorstep of the literary comunity.

One of the people with a sense of justice is outraged - not the correct terms were used in the preparation of documents. He considered expressive a word "a...", and everywhere write "lower back"! ("My main message was not showed, in any way. It is offensive. It hurts.") What should he do? With this sense, feeling of language - the road to writers. The fees, perhaps, will not pay...  But "we worked to make a time go forward." 
I think none of the Russian classics from such a phrase would not refuse.

Listen! This is a phrase from some other space, another world!

"We worked to make a time go forward." ("We worked to make a time go")!

The designer absolutely irrationally was spending a creative time. He made morning jogs and he made photos. Whether it is admissible to spend the golden days so?

A small local story - and a talented designer with a broken leg in bed - now he has opportunity to give himself to creativity.

The grandiose theater erases border between a stage and a life.

Talents develop.

The theater and culture are on the road of progress!

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Владимир Владимирович Залесский “Скетч Мнение театрального критика о проекте "Грандиозный театр"”.