The Story about development of the market of the f

The Story about development of the market of the fine arts (the  analysis of the investigation)

1. The Preface.

Sergei Sergeyevich periodically felt the aspiration to write something about the national book market. Both Bunin, and Gorky, and Chekhov wrote about the national book market... He, Sergei Sergeyevich, will make something like the review, will generalize, - he will make the work devoted the national book market a general property!

However, at this point onto the "public intersection" the journalistic investigation "arrived". "In search of a genius from the Soviet psychiatric hospital. Artist Foma Yaremchuk [Foma Jaremtschuk] was called the star of "wild art", his drawings are sold for thousands of euros. Why in Russia nobody's heard of him?.08:00, August 5, 2019. Source: Meduza. Authors: Julia Vishnevetskaya, Misha Yashnov. Editor: Konstantin Benyumov".
"I will write about the market of the fine arts", - Sergei Sergeyevich decided.

2. An Art content is a basis of a market of fine arts.

"In search of the genius..."... any, different art objects, that is drawings, are found. In them there is some truth. 

Long ago, in a past, Sergei Sergeyevich read an article where fight of some ordinary woman for her personal good life was described. Somewhere, near housing of this woman, the psychiatric clinic was located. "They so shouted as if (of) them... [further her associations created by shouts were stated]".

From the materials of the journalistic investigation, it can be concluded that "mentally ill people" show an artistic creativity, and this creativity  is a common phenomenon ...

("The artist Jean Dubuffet presented in the fortieth years for a public the creativity of chronic inhabitants of psychiatric hospitals. Before, works of patients were collected only by psychiatrists.")

("... till 1964 professor Mikhail Pavlovich Kutanin headed department of psychiatry of the Saratov medical institute. At the department, the museum in which examples of creativity of patients were stored was organized... (by the way, works by Paulie [Pauli] are taken out to the Germany (nowadays) and appeared in the same gallery of Syuzanna Zander in Cologne)".).

Sergei Sergeyevich started to create a concept. - A relatives of a genius persons (and geniuses always differ from an "ordinary" people) sell works of the geniuses, become rich people, they improve life of the "sick" brothers, nephews, grandfathers, etc.

But is not present! Another fate is destined for ingenious works.

First, works of geniuses do not get to their relatives (and how they to them will get?).

Secondly, it is difficult to sell these works in Russia, probably. (And what creative markets work in a normal mode now?)

So, there are a creative people. There are an outstanding works in a good demand. Those creative people, strangely enough, are in medical institutions, and they are deprived of freedom. Neither geniuses, nor their relatives have the right to dispose of brilliant works.

We move in consideration of a subject further.

3. A "Legend".

In the focus of attention of journalistic investigation - a collection of drawings.

Together with this collection, a legend is being promoted.

Some elements of this legend look as follows.

There was a mysterious person (a name, a middle name, a surname are reported).

There was a mysterious medical institution - in a taiga depths...

There was a mysterious dossier in archival depths...

Mix of mysticism, fear and some romanticism...


4. Two ways to the truth.

And whether this legend corresponds  to the truth? Whether the legend is truthful?

There are two points of view on this subject.

Some people believe that drawings were created by that mysterious person (the name, a middle name, a surname) in that mysterious medical institution (which was located in taiga).

The movement begins around this question. Whether this legend is truthful or is not truthful?

Researchers begin to untangle a knot of riddles.

5. A "Chain".

If there is art content, and - in almost inexhaustible volume, - then there can be people who will try to make money on this content.

Surnames, names are given in a journalistic research...

Syuzanna (Susanne) Zander (in Cologne),

the visitor from Russia (... he was the director of the company of LLC Olympique Sochi...),

(Katharine Lorkh, famous art critic and observer of S;ddeutsche Zeitung),

The "Kokon" gallery (in Russia) - is interconnected with "the visitor from Russia",

another "star of Outsider art (Art Brut) (Na;ve art)" - it was presented on the "Kokon" ("he starts talking about of Outsider art", he starts talking about the own brother),

brother “of another star of Outsider art”,

friend and closest associate of "brother" ("of another star of Outsider art"). (It turns out - according a logic, - that the "brother" brought, directed researchers to the "closest associate").

6. Creative details.

What is interesting in the description of a visit to the "closest associate"?

Let's not go into details, though a many of them are interesting.

"But in response to a direct question, he reluctantly acknowledges that the images [drawings] in the album are his." ["They came, at last!"].

"Having learned that drawings for which paid him 300 rubles  [approximately 4 euros] [for the each], are on sale for thousands of euros now, he only thoughtfully notices: "Wow, what an expensive artist I am.". At parting [the "closest associate"] asks to present him [as a gift] the Foma Jaremtschuk's album."

A humility before a life of the creative person - of the art star of the western trade art platforms... (Now he is a resident of the Russian province - "tries to live and earn by creativity, without being exchanged for uninteresting orders").

["Brother"] speaks carefully, is felt that he is afraid to do much harm to [the "closest associate"]". [Why he speaks carefully - it is the author's version by respected Yulia Vishnevetskaya, Mischa Yashnov].

"And in the next conversation ["the star of Outsider art"] refused all the words and reported that [allegedly "the star of Outsider art"] from the website of the "Kokon" gallery - it is the other person. Question, that him known about the second ["star"], the first ["star"] left without answer and declared, that communicate with journalists now will only through lawyers."

7. Behind a closed curtains.

8. The Afterword.

"An interesting thing - those creative markets." - Sergei Sergeyevich drew a conclusion - "The market of the fine arts also develops".

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