The Essay about the man with a sense of self-respe

The Essay about the man with a sense of self-respect

Sergei Sergeyevich heard an interview with former Prime Minister Sergei Stepashin.

Big interview... a lot of questions in it are touched…

The U.S. President Clinton praised Stepashin (Stepashin participated, instead of Yeltsin, in a summit).

Yeltsin – after that - at a meeting with Stepashin noted that Clinton praised Stepashin.

Stepashin in an interview said that at that moment he realized that his resignation is close.

The notion of "don't shield" [not to "cover"] [don't distract attention from me, do not become the screen] - it is present in the memoir literature. "To shield" [to "cover"] is not desirable.

If you are "small" - then be Sharikov.

If you are "big" - then be Goremykin.

Not to "cover"! ["Don't shield"!]

"With all "but" - the era of Yeltsin is the era of Yeltsin... – and the interview, and the personality of Stepashin produce, yet, a positive impression," - Sergei Sergeyevich thought.

August 9, 2019 21:33

Translation from Russian into English: August 9, 2019 22:12.
Владимир Владимирович Залесский “Эссе о человеке с чувством самоуважения”.