The Sketch about the official specialists on water

The Sketch about the official specialists on water problems at the Far East

A constant flow of news from the Siberia and the Far East about floods and a water problems…

Milords! But in the Far East there are specialists in water problems!

When in December 2018 – January, February 2019 there was a major emergency in the Far East, citizens of Russia, who were  interested in this situation, were happy to constantly hear illiterate pseudo-scientific, ignoring the law of gravity, comments and false forecasts.

The speaker of the official science, a specialist in a water problems, soloed in the media, reasoning with an important look, giving estimates and posing himself as an expert.

But why now, in the conditions of continuing large-scale water problems in the Far East,  citizens of Russia interested in this situation do not see and hear the soloing speaker? Why they do not know about the powerful activity and its results?

In the period of a major and dangerous emergency in December 2018 – January, February 2019,  an independent generalization, analysis of the facts and of the situation took place; the realistic forecasts were formed.

But this independent study had no path in a media sources. ("Only for the loyal!"). However, this independent analysis and synthesis had a permission to use Internet platforms (for free publications). (Separate seats in a trams...).

Very well a situation is organized. They can cling to such an intelligent engine and move at the expense of the other's energy. And at the same time to pretend that there is no intelligent engine - not to notice him and not to mention him.

Now there are a water problems, but there is no systematic independent generalization, analysis of facts and of situation. There's no one to whom is possible cling to and to move at the expense of other's energy.

So, experts on water problems are not noticeable. Their furious activities are not noticeable. No one is soloing. No one is  floating, speedly, from one mass media to another mass media...

The official science possess an enormous strength...

August 18, 2019 18:34

Translation from Russian into English: August 18, 2019 20:28.
Владимир Владимирович Залесский “Скетч об официальных специалистах по водным проблемам на Дальнем Востоке”.