The Sketch about the three intelligent columns

The Sketch about the three intelligent columns

Sergey Sergeevich stopped listening to the barking coming from a dog radio-booths.

But he continued to listen to the news.

Actually, not messages themselves were interesting in the news flows, and - the information policy, trend.

By the whistles of their owners, the radio booths blocked the news on certain topics, and moved out off important topics - off one after another.

At the forefront are:

1. Stories about large budget costs (“rejoice!”),

2. Messages about the meetings (“they respect us!”) ...

But once Sergey Sergeevich did not manage to turn off the sound of the radio booth and heard a great strategist (female).

As always, the great strategist was puffing up from the consciousness of her personal importance and from the understanding of the greatness of her own civil position. The main word of the lexicon is the adjective "spiritually elevating" (in various forms).

During an interview with some invited guest, she tried to inflate the own reputation with the consciousness of her own competence and began to discuss something about the Brexit in Britain.

However, it quickly became clear that those cliches with which she was trained in a radio booth were completely untrue.

The great strategist immediately announced a break for 6 seconds, after which she moved out off on a minor topic ("people ask us! we need to answer!").

All these “strategists” exist only thanks to the destroyed national media market and the monopolization of the media.

Nevertheless, it is necessary to help, to provide intellectual support.


What if to think up with some kind of a spiritually elevating story?!

What to think up?

About intellectual potential !!!

Radio-doggies do not belong to intellectual potential. They are intelligent fleas.

Who then is the intellectual potential?
For artistic harmony, let imagine the intellectual potential in the form of three intellectual columns.

Suppose three columns are (1) artificial intelligence, (2) official “science”, (3) official “young talents” (various kinds of official associations).

These intelligent columns are marching towards what problem?

They are marching to solve the problems that arose after the flood in one of the Siberian (or maybe Far Eastern?) regions.

They are moving forward! ... And in that very region a great shadow appears - not Hercules, of course, but still ...

Costs are rising - from 16 billion - to 40 billion ... But this is not a record ...

If - 100 billion! And not rubles, but dollars (USA).

Emergency regime declared (almost) forever. (This is a new fashion. Democrat liberals invented this?)

But the spiritually elevating plot must be completed with an equally outstanding event with a claim to intellectuality and civilization ...

For example, the Great Prize is awarded for a book on relations between N.V. Gogol and the Rzhev archpriest Matthew Konstantinovsky.

This is not a bad literary topic. She delicately leads readers away from the question - why Gogol, a classic writer with all-Russian fame, constantly felt material disorder, lack of finances and lived in Russia in different families of different (albeit good, cultured) people. Instead of living in beloved Rome and writing more and more new works ... In Rome there were no "those" conversations, "those" visions ...

You see, intelligent people do not ask too many questions ...

In general - the Great Prize for a breathtaking, spiritually elevating book.

Sergey Sergeevich quickly outlined the plot on paper.

"This is help, intellectual support for strategists and for intellectual columns! ...

Hercules does not need a help ...".

September 13, 2019 12:54

Translation from Russian into English: September 13, 2019 13:55.
Владимир Владимирович Залесский “Скетч о трёх интеллектуальных колоннах”.