The Story about the Flight into the diplomatic cos

The Story about the Flight into the diplomatic cosmic space

Sergei Sergeyevich considered himself a patriot. He was always proud of Gagarin's flight.

When thinking about this flight, an invigorating feeling arose and arises.

Isn't there any vivacity now?

At first there was Syria with her civil war.

Then - Venezuela with her electric disasters.

Now - Saudi Arabia with inventive Houthis.

It looks like a flight into space. Only without a spaceship, without Gagarin, and without universal world admiration.

“I know!” - and that’s good.

We have a respected Minister Lavrov, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the increasing authority in all international organizations.

Sergei Sergeyevich felt an inflow of cheerfulness.

“This is a flight into the diplomatic cosmic space!”

September 16, 2019 18:18

Translation from Russian into English: September 16, 2019 18:34.
Владимир Владимирович Залесский «Рассказ о полёте в дипломатический космос».