The reporting of a high-rank retiree The story

The reporting of a high-rank retiree (The story)

Sergei Sergeyevich sometimes (earlier) listened to a high-rank retiree.

This high-rank retiree was eagerly regularly speaking in one of the broadcasts.

At first Sergei Sergeyevich did not think about the reasons of such kindness.

Then  the assumption came - at the similar radio station approximately the same time, another retiree (also of officer level) was speaking in the “question-answer” mode.

Apparently it is necessary to draw audience ... Everywhere an own secrets are...

The high-ranking retiree spoke, as a rule, competently and with considerable skepticism.

The meaning of his skepticism was as follows - a words are a words, but a verification by war is a verification by war ... After a beginning of war events go not such way as people think before it beginning ...

(Sergei Sergeyevich said to himself - it is better without such checks).

Most likely, this high-ranking retiree performed in the radio program for free.

Firstly, senior military officers who have retired may experience an energy vacuum. They need to apply energy. And if so, then why not help?

Secondly, why to pamper people?

Thirdly, the money should be given to a “right” people.

At some point, either the retiree became less likely to speak, or Sergei Sergeyevich became less likely to listen to the radio, or both.

And then, by chance, Sergei Sergeyevich again, unexpectedly, heard the voice of the retiree. He again spoke in the hospitable broadcast.

According to the logic of his story, it turned out, that he went on a business trip to one of the "friendly" countries.

One could only guess how he was sent on a business trip ... Enlisted as a full-time or freelance correspondent?

Of course, there is no desire to look like a cynic, but the assumption that he used to speak (he used to work) for free lead to the assumption that he was given a business trip, as a variant of payment - for (through) a state expense. But who knows how it really is?

What turned out to be interesting, it is an optimistic tone. The participant of the trip (business trip) was delighted.

To somewhere his skepticism disappeared.

Special praise for the dining room. Great food. Very tasty ... (Who is responsible for food? Some outstanding person? Berthier of Army Cuisine?).

The list of cities and settlements that the high-ranking retiree managed to visit during the business trip looked impressive. Yes ... curious ...

Part of the journey had to fly by helicopter, the doors were open, and the machine gunners were not distracted ...

Then the story-teller went on to listing of those countries who placed their units on this territory.

First, a small digression into history - there was such an Empire ...

With the second name, the effect of the extreme laconicism arose. It is strange, why not to comment ...

And at the third Sergei Sergeyevich felt something ... not skepticism, but - how to say ...

In general, even Nicholas I tried ... And Nicholas II, too ...

The theme of good dining rooms and of delicious food has arisen more than once, and the statement after this theme was presented -  people, now, feel a respect. A great difference if to compare with a situation before 1991 ...

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