The Sketch According to Lev Nikolaevich To Alexand

The Sketch According to Lev Nikolaevich To Alexander Sergeyevich especially it was sent ...

«News - Nationwide Association of Young Musicians, Poets and Prose Writers
When: October 1 at 17:00
To: ...
From whom: …
Design and inspiration

... "What to do to make the plan come about?" Its appearance is always due to the inner mental state of the author. This can be explained by comparison.

At its core, the design is similar to a lightning. Atmospheric electricity for a long time accumulates in the heavenly heights, and when enough is accumulated, it is discharged by lightning. It usually rains heavily. This lightning is the design. Rainfall can be compared with a stream of inspiration.

(...) And most of all stereotypes that relate to how ignoramuses persons imagine inspiration.

... in the form of bulging and upward-looking eyes or a goose feather bitten by the author. Many drawings and even films have contributed to the creation of this image! Particularly to Alexander Sergeyevich especially it was sent ...


For example, for I.S. Turgenev, an inspiration was “the approach of God.” He said that it was painful for him to translate this insight into words. According to Lev Nikolaevich, at the moment of inspiration, what can be done suddenly opens up. Moreover, the brighter it is, the more painstaking work is needed for its implementation. ”

"The text is not signed, there is no date,” - Sergei Sergeyevich took a closer look. - “This is a common story for a today style of messages.”

“Here they are, a modern Dostoevsky, Chekhov, Gogol, Tolstoy ...”

Our "new" classic figures ... these ... how them  ... writers ... that is, prose writers ...

October 2, 2019 12:05

Translation from Russian into English: October 2, 2019  01:02.
Владимир Владимирович Залесский «Скетч По мнению Льва Николаевича Особенно досталось Александру Сергеевичу…».