The Essay on the powerful forces of modernity

The Essay on the powerful forces of modernity

“Powerful forces exist,” - Sergey Sergeyevich is convinced. - “And they are not always kind.”

“For example, the press. In the name "press" there is a hint of some kind of pressure. "

To this is added the whole ideology of press independence and an extensive network of various organizations concerned with the independence of the press and the safety of journalists.

In addition, the press needs to make money. She selects the object of her attention ... And begins ...

What to do in this situation? ..

The question is not simple ...

On the surface, the following options:

1) A "thin" behavior,

2) To be as if Teflon (but this is almost a natural quality; this property - it either exists or does not exist; to this probably will not be taught),

3) To make attempts to influence the flow of news. For example, Heinrich Schliemann led an active information policy, promoting his archaeological research.

What else can be said about this? ...

No desire to write a dissertation ...

October 2, 2019 01:20

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Владимир Владимирович Залесский «Эссе о могущественных силах современности».