The Sketch of how Sergei Sergeevich did not join a

The Sketch of how Sergei Sergeevich did not join a political party

Sergei Sergeevich decided to join the political party.

The time is hard now. And if you are a member of a political party, you can to recieve free barbecue on a holiday.

In any case, there is hope for this.

Nearby is the headquarters of a party. What a political party? Yes, it doesn’t matter ...

Sergei Sergeevich quickly gathered. Before leaving home he looked on the Internet. He typed "a political party" in the search bar. The photos popped up. All people are worthy, they look seriously.

Sergei Sergeevich went outside and headed for the headquarters.

He approaches the headquarters, and what does he see?

Out of the doors comes a company of people with suitcases on wheels. He saw them in photos posted on the Internet!

They are moving  and are rolling their suitcases in the direction of Sergey Sergeyevich, and a beautiful bus with tinted windows stops right next to him. A driver jumps out of the bus and tells people with suitcases: "Members of the delegation for the abroad trip! Please get on the bus!"

Sergei Sergeevich looks at the suitcases, at the wheels, and doubt engulfs him.

In Russia, abandoned estates are being repaired. To going abroad before he looked at all the restored estates (objects of cultural heritage) is somehow not patriotic ..

And if the official case? If to South Ossetia or to Abkhazia?

Of course, you can go to Abkhazia ... But ... September is already ending ...

No! You will join the party, and you will be sent abroad ...

No! Hurry is not worth it! Above all, let's see the restored cultural heritage sites!

Sergei Sergeevich resolutely walked past the entrance to the headquarters of the political party ...

October 6, 2019 17:33

Translation from Russian into English: October 6, 2019  18:07.
Владимир Владимирович Залесский “Скетч как Сергей Сергеевич не записался в политическую партию”.