About Kutuzov and about Aunt Alin. Historical essa

About Kutuzov and about Aunt Alin. Historical essay

Sergei Sergeevich became interested in the discussion that unfolded around the personality and merits of M.I. Kutuzov.

We will not touch the "young historical genius", who started a march to the  Rome.

Let's open the book of N. A. Troitsky. One of the reviews says: “... he simply retells the critical reviews of contemporaries collected by N. A. Troitsky in the monograph “The Field Marshal Kutuzov. Myths and facts” (M., 2002). The same quotes, the same sources ... ".

Sergei Sergeevich begins to read the book by N. A. Troitsky.

Yes! ... There is a depth of theme here ...

It seems that in one of biographies of Leo Tolstoy there is such a phrase: “There was an empty house in Yasnaya Polyana, there was Aunt Alin with her enthusiastic religiosity and the eternal sour smell of stale linen.”

They work. Researchers are working.

They are digging ...

However, the question - like much in this life - is simple.

Try to formulate the strategic task facing M.I. Kutuzov, - as the  commander confronting Napoleon I.

Sergei Sergeevich did not meet with clear formulations of such a  strategic task in historical works. Maybe he didn’t look carefully?

Somehow, researchers are deeply fond of Aunt Alin and the features of her life.

Exist a formulation of the aforementioned strategic task in historical works, or it does not exist, but Sergei Sergeevich will try to formulate this task. He will approach the theme logically.

So, here is the formulation of the strategic task facing M.I. Kutuzov:

1. To save the state.
2. To save the army.
3. If possible, to save the Moscow.

Further tasks of other levels follow. For example, to minimize human losses and destruction, financial costs, to defeat Napoleon’s army, etc. etc.

So, it should be recognized that the strategic task, which was facing Mikhail Illarionovich, was fulfilled.

There is still a subtle point. Why did Napoleon slip out of Russia?

Very many are unhappy with this circumstance.

Maybe to modify a strategic task?

Instead of paragraph “3. If possible, to save the Moscow ”,  to write “ 3. Not to get, not to be involved into European conflicts and affairs -  as it possible. To maintain neutrality as much as possible. ”

Mikhail Illarionovich saw far.

Swedes emigrate to Russia? Or "some" residents of Russia emigrate to a neutral, prosperous Sweden?

Yes, and Napoleon was going to eliminate Prussia ...  in 1807.

Stalin and Vasilevsky  would not have to engage in the middle of the 20th century the "Prussia problem".

In general, historians work, writers work. This is a very interesting topic - Aunt Alin and the details of her life ...

October 15, 2019 22:52

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Владимир Владимирович Залесский «О Кутузове и о тётушке Алин. Исторический очерк».