You are - Fiction

   With the rustling of leaves beneath his feet, he remembered the time when his mother was walking down these streets alongside him, and the warm conversations of his long-lost childhood. He recalled the bright sunbeams against his young skin, and the sweet-tasting fruit tea that his grandmother had prepared for these walks.

   Right now, when so many years had gone by, he was able to recall some streets and directions that he had remembered while he continued on his way. He wasn’t as frequent a visitor to this country as he had wanted to be. His family had settled in this city many, many years ago. He felt a sadness and some kind of nostalgia that comfortably started building in his mind. He was still a bit doubtful about going like this, because the streets had changed so much that he found it hard to imagine that they could ever have become so unrecognizable. New shops and houses appeared here and there. But somehow he let his memories carry him along the streets, and through the park… He went further and further.

   When he reached the right house, he could fully observe all the changes. He always kept an idea in his mind to maintain a close relationship with this house, but his life went on and things changed around him. He has changed too. The house was messy and untended now. It was an abandoned house, where no one had lived for a long period of time. The wind played lazily throwing leaves up in the air. Pieces of wallpaper, stones and broken roof tiles lay scattered around here and there.

   He closed his eyes and imagined everything as it was back many years ago. Walls restored, wallpaper back in its former place, and then music slowly begun to play. He smiled a bit when he saw his grandmother who came to him smiling with excitement: “You are home, my dear! You are.”               

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