Another injection of pseudo-strategy. Express sket

Another injection of pseudo-strategy. Express sketch

The Rostov-on-Don city seen a different persons.

Perhaps he saw Chaliapin.

He definitely saw Mayakovsky.

It seems he saw Yesenin.

The message that he will be lucky to see a specialistess in pseudo-strategy provoked the listening to a 30-minute portion from the next information block. May be something interesting?

At first, the thought stumbled upon the a surveillance cameras. Are cameras on every corner, it's good or bad?

Everyone has the right to privacy. By virtue of this simple postulate, the accumulation of information about citizens seems a dubious affair from the point of view of legality and universally recognized personal rights. However, separate prohibitions on the accumulation of data on citizens will be useful. There are many other ways (except cameras) to fight against a street crime and crime in general.

However, the pseudo-strategy specialistess was developing the argument that knowing about the existence of cameras helps people control themselves.

It seems that this is a function of culture - to develop self-control of personality. But to talk about culture in modern conditions ...

In any case, the specialistess in pseudo-strategy did not mention anything about the cultural factor.

Would you like to hear about the “liberal public”? What kind of a "public" is it? But she is very scary? Should you be afraid of her? and to fight  against her?

What to fight against? Against what political position? The pseudo-strategy specialistess kept silent about this ... Fear the liberal public! And if a tense moment will appear, then we’ll tell you who they are ... There is such a practice – the inciting ...

And you? What kind of public are you? - totalitarian one?

The story by Milovan ;ilas (Milovan Djilas), how Stalin launched a record with mixed music and dog barking, could be mentioned ... It was very funny ...

So if a visit to Rostov-on-Don of an (additional) pseudo-strategy specialistess does not take place, then there is an option – to put a record with the corresponding sounding...

Enough of Mayakovsky - he, no doubt, visited Rostov-on-Don ...

October 18, 2019 20:14

Translation from Russian into English: October 18, 2019 22:32.
Владимир Владимирович Залесский “Очередная инъекция псевдо-стратегии. Экспресс-скетч”.