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042/ 392 rus.  A DISK OF FEST.  ИТОГ__ HAVE  RESULT?.
Wow!  a disk of Fest than not Stounhenge in a Miniature.
If you this page This and
41 page that can not find out Similarity, but I to you SHALL PROMPT it(him)!

1. Below I on figure have put on Risks on a disk it Вирамы, read earlier, and they on a line, on rulers till Three pieces! Likely is not casual! At what the Bottom ruler is an Axial Longitudinal line of the drawing! А1_А2_В1_В2, these points I for you Have allocated as a Rectangular it(he)
It will turn out as well as in figure with page N_ 41! RED COLOUR. In Stounhenge more evidently this Is entered
ПЯТИУГОЛЬНИК __a figure with 5 corners- at me it САМОЛЕТИК. It(he) is constructed from the same IDENTICAL And SYMMETRIC TRIANGLES: E_F_G_H_Z_S.
If you read in detail last some tens pages, you are possible will come to opinion,
That figures All three ARE IDENTICAL!
1. The model of the paper plane Above by nothing differs ON CONSTRUCTION, on that that is constructed on the CERTAIN POINTS, that I have received on the Drawing  of a disk Fest of!
2. 2 and it Пятиугольник - Entered ПЕНТОГРАММ__ a figure with 5 corners in Stounhenge. At what I Figure from the book about Стоунхендж has taken Today, and before I anywhere about this figure did not read.
3. In  Stounhenge- as on __посторениям__ Made on the drawing_ the Correct Rectangular will turn out. It(he) Is determined, Is given to Stones of height of meters in 10 and is in addition designated РВАМИ! NOT CASUALLY LIKELY! It is Control points, and on a disk it is two Parallel lines, that are designated by special Risks at prints. Them consider(count) Вирамами__ Risks, label at marks on a disk, that is the Lowered(omitted) Letters such as when in
a word will be as an example:  as word_Лооокоон, that is do(make) Reduction up to a ЛОКОН, ТО ЕСТЬ завиток, кудри__ a twisting hair__. That
is at Рисок -Вирам- Completely other applicability, value_ another " Stounhenge”s and Zodiak”s,  the Applicability " can be
2 __ For reflection the following page we do not give, as the Directions in Stounhenge on one defined(determined) since 1600, and more have understood presently - загнав of a Line, as I have given on  a disk, on the drawing in the COMPUTER, on this WHILE DOTS .......................................