King of darkness. Dedicated to named after Alberto

This year I've met a king of darkness,
His eyes were full of warm and kindness,
He spoke without any passion
But with the wisdom of his nation.
He gave me strange kind of power
To feel the love without loving.
Without a name but full of secrets,
He lived in darker side of district
And tried to hide with nervous fingers
The sin inside his powerful wisdom.
I fell in love in sin inside his passion,
With painful, dark and cold confession.
He put his soul in heavy stone,
I've put two roses to his throne.
His jokes were empty, with no sense,
But full of dark and crime obsession.
But I was born with mistic soul
As whitch from dark and gloomy Poland.
I took his hand and truth was open,
I saw his ways among the stones.
I know that God leads me to heaven,
I feel no fear, I feel no shame.
The king had run away from light,
From smiles, diamonds and delight.
I smiled to him with all my power
Cos in those night I saw the flowers.
They grows along on the stony island
But full of blooming, full of shining.
With my last kiss I put a spell
On all his roads and all his ways.
And rain fell down on his traces
Like tears of hapiness on face.