And leave the earth in harmony and beauty

All that we now see around – men, animals, the ground,
The home nature and abroad were created by the Lord.

He gave us bushes, grass and trees, adorned the earth with flowers and seas.
He heaped up mountains and hills without pay, without bills.

Do we give thanks for his creations? Does nature feel our good relations?
Are we good keepers of its riches or only wasters of resources, beaches?

Do we feel pain when forests are on fire? When rivers, lakes are slowly dying,
Or when we kill the animals for our sake, or spoil with chemicals a lake?

Are we indifferent when there’s a gap? Or are we quick to turn the tap?
Do we support the Greens by actions? Or raise alarm before elections?

But when we really love our planet, It’s not enough to write a song, a sonnet.
We must consolidate, secure our future and leave the earth in harmony and beauty.