Ellie Balsham s Tale About The Mermaid

5.4.2017 - 6.4.2017. Great Britain, Nottinghamshire

Ellie Balsham's
Tale for small kids living in the forest
About The Mermaid

One upon the time, one old priest lived near the small pond in the forest. The priest liked to fish a fish in this pond, and his wife liked to make a nice fish pie to him.

But one day, when he took a net with a fish, this came out with a big heavy clay jug, so the old priest walked into a pond, trying to take the heavy item out.

- Oh, so heavy!  What would be here?  Probably, plenty gold coins?, - the old Priest was thinking.

But suddenly, the young beautiful girl appeared from the pond water.

- I am a water-nymph, - she said, - and this clay jug is mine! So, let's give this to me!   or, marry on me, and this clay jug will be yours!

The Old Priest dreamed before a lot to find some big money to build a nice church with nice church bells, he tried to do savings for this, but them were not enough.

- Dear a water-nymph!, - The Old Priest said to this young girl, - I would marry on you, as you are so pretty and young, but I have my wife already, near me for more righter one half of century as my wife, and we married by the church marriage - so, forever. I cannot marry on you, as our Christian religion against this.

- So, if you can not to do this, please, give me my jug back!, - the young pretty water-nymph replied.

- Look, if this your property, I must to give it to you back, as Jesus said this as never to take other people's property as a sin and I am a priest to glory Jesus life and all Jesus words to us.  But I have my dream to build a nice church here locally, in this place near this pond near a lake, and this would be a nice church, plenty people will come here  to pray. I tried to do my savings and other people savings, to build our church, but i was  not able to collect money enough and I am old already. So, I need this clay jug with these all heavy gold coins, to build the church. But we may do a deal with you: to name the church by your name, and we will pray for you here, and we will be pass our presents to you to own all into a water - a bread, a food, coins, so, what you will give for us today, all will return back to you tomorrow later in a time when our church will stay here and the local people will come to pray.

The Mermaid, this young beautiful water-nymph replied:
- And what is about a marriage on me? if you cannot, what is about someone of your sons? or about someone of your grandsons? Not a point for me to stay alone and one as a single?

- Look, - The Old Priest said, -
- Look, when we will build the church here, plenty people will come here to pray, and plenty single young men will come here to pray too, - you are so pretty and young, so, you will meet one here soon defenetly!  So, a deal?

The water-nymph replied:

- Okay, a deal. You are right, if here will be a church, and plenty people will come to pray, I will have more chances to find someone here for me too.

The Old Priest asked:
- What is your name, my dear Lady Water-Nymph?

But the mermaid smiled:

- No names. It just enough for me to know all this. Let's name your church as your wish as I am looking not for a name but for a true love to find for me not to be alone.

The time passed away. The nice beautiful church started to stay near the pond, and all grass around was so nice and green, and flowers, and white water lilies were in the pond.

One day, suddenly plenty horsemen rided and  came here, they all asked the permission to wash their horses and themselves  in a pond  in a lake water before to go to pray into the church.

They washed their horses, and they started to swim here, all attractive young men, with the beautiful strong young bodies.

As they were being not locals, they took all their clothes away, swimming nacked in a water of lake, all without clothers and  no pans on them.

Suddenly, the tender warm water surface stopped away from the sand beach area, and a beautiful looking young pretty naked girl put herself and her face with a long hairs and her body with her beautiful young naked breast out from the water and stand up. Some white water lilies in a garland covered her hairs, her bubbies, her body, her legs.

O, she was so young and beautiful! as a white pearl of a sunrise!

All young horsemen looked at her and all fell into a love!

- Would some of you want to be my beloved husband?  I am a single and I am looking for a right man for me for marriage and  a true love with my husband,  -  Words of  The young Water-Nymph girl sounded as silver thinnest  bells as she asked  all swimming and resting men here.

- We all are single men here!, -  Horsemen laughed.

- Just one problem, dear beautiful Lady: We all on a duty,  we all do not need women and so wives and marriages!

- We all are on our duty! We always on our way, on horses! Riding!

- No home! no wives! no kids! no marriages! Just orders to us for us to make them!

- Oh, I see!, - the young pretty naked Undine replied for fully nacked young men-horsemen,
- I would like such life too! Here is so dull! Always all the same and the some! no any changes!  May I travel together with you?  May be I will meet my half,  my true love, moving though plenty places by more quick way?!

- All right, we all agree to take you with us, but you need to have your own horse!

The Undine said:
- Oh, money! I have enough money to buy a hourse for me!

- And what's about your tail? Young Lady?

- Easy!, - The Undine replied.

And all saw as the water-nymph turned round into a water, making plenty smallest sparks of rainbow in air  and she turn back, standing  with her two legs:

- All these people prayed for my soul and me in the church  and for their pray, as a response, I have these my two legs now as all girls now!  A Miracle!

All people in the church looked, and all shouted loudly:

- Oh! See! Look! A Miracle! A Miracle!   Our Lady- Patroness Mermaid have started to have two legs as all girls! The Miracle!

The Old Priest had been asked to baptise the water-nymph,  whom starting to look as all girls, in the church. The Priest agreed. The Lady Mermand  agreed.  Plenty people came to see the miracle, and how the priest will baptise the Undine girl, - he used the pond water for this, so, plenty people might saw all.

After the baptising, a new Christian girl with her new Christian name, already the ex-water-nymph sat down on her horse, which she bought for herself  and she said to the old priest:

- If I will find my boy-friend, my man to marry, my true love - I will return back to here with him to live here. If I will die, - I will write my will wish about my grave to be here. Please, pray for my soul and me. I hope I return back.

And they left, all, after this church service, - all horsemen on horses and the girl  on her horse with them.

The End.

Eanna Inna Balzina-Balzin (Inna Tiggi)
Ианна Инна Бальзина-Бальзин
(Инна Тигги)

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"Ellie Balsham's Tale About The Mermaid"

Eanna Inna Balzina-Balzin
Ианна Инна Бальзина-Бальзин