Rules for communicating with a woman

1. The basic techniques of a woman for manipulating a man: to evoke feelings of guilt, conscience, duty, and shame.

2. A peasant should check these feelings in himself every minute. And if they are, then eliminate them.

3. A woman from the first minutes will try to impose her will on the peasant. A peasant should take the position of a minister, marshall, king, emperor, sovereign, factory director, ship captain or theater director. They can dictate their will to anyone, including women.

4. You can spend no more than 5 minutes on a woman, to find out her readiness to obey the will of a man. If a woman is not ready to obey, then leave her.

5. in the first 5 minutes you should ask the woman questions: are you ready to obey the man?
Are you ready to fulfill the will of the man?

6. A man should not forget that for 1000 years a woman was a work horse, and a man was a master, and only for the last hundred years, Bankers have appointed a woman as God to make a profit, and a man as a work horse.

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Chants for every day

1. Control enviroment

2. Control cattle approach

3. The best move

4. Control position

5. Surprise factor

6. Control hurry

7. System 567

8. Choose metod of action

9. Ear plugs

10. To antisipate all threats

11. Control initiatives

12. Caution with women

13. More density - more threats- more yell

14. Women as a rule- spoil the mood ( 90%)

15. Approaches are always dangerous

16. People are always dangerous

17. I'm always a loot for someone

18. Before you approach, consider the consequences

19. Avoid any approach to people.

20. Combat readiness for provocations of women.

21. Remember the position of the king

22. Control of involuntary actions

23. Evaluation of position-567

24. Do not hurry involuntary actions

25. Before the move develop the habit of pausing

26. Checking the move for the best move

27. Avoid crowds of people, they will yell

28. Before you make a move, think for 5-6-7 minutes

29. Read this instruction every hour aloud

30. If you are in a good mood, be doubly careful with approaches.