The rules behavior of divorce women

Many years have passed since Stalin, through ignorance or at the behest of the West, demolished the millennial Orthodox concept of "Man is God" and replaced it with the concept of "Baba God" in December 1931.

We see the results today: a sharp rise in breds over 90 years, from 1% in 1931 to 80% in 2021.

Definition - a divorced woman is a woman who received a bad upbringing, her perception of the world is distorted.

She sees herself as the ruler of men. He believes that all men should carry her in their arms, obey her, obey her.

While he was still she perceived her husband as a servant or a slave.

Therefore, sooner or later she kicked him out, and became a divorcee.

Biologically, the female needs a male until old age, otherwise the female gets depressed.

Sensory deprivation.

Therefore, divorced women are dangerous to society, they should not be given the opportunity to work in schools and kindergartens.

Where do they work. Creating future divorces.

Anger towards men is expressed in the fact that the divorced woman hates all men and is looking for an excuse, or she herself creates conditions to yell at the man or make a remark to him.

She, like air, needs male attention, energy.

Therefore, men should bypass the divorced side, not have any business or contact with them.

If you heard that the divorced woman is trying to block your passage, DO NOT HURRY, do not move, evaluate the position according to the 567 system, (think 5'6'7 minutes)

Putting earplugs in your ears, asking yourself questions, what are her intentions, what she wants, what reasons she creates, to anticipate her future threats.

She usually creates an excuse to start yelling at you.

Uses the surprise factor.

After assessing the situation, choose a method of action how to get out of the environment.

Don't answer her questions.

God forbid you to raise your voice to her, or even more to call her.

In return, you will receive a sophisticated revenge.

There are situations that have nowhere to go: a train, an airplane.

Silence and be busy.

There are hyper-divorces: their signs are: pouty lips, dyed hair, tattoos, ripped jeans, smoking.

They generally have to be bypassed for a kilometer.


Chants for every day

1. Control enviroment
2. Control cattle approach
3. The best move
4. Control position
5. Surprise factor
6. Control hurry
7. System 567
8. Choose metod of action
9. Ear plugs
10. To antisipate all threats
11. Control initiatives
12. Caution with women
13. More density - more threats- more yell
14. Women as a rule- spoil the mood ( 90%)
15. Approaches are always dangerous
16. People are always dangerous
17. I'm always a loot for someone
18. Before you approach, consider the consequences
19. Avoid any approach to people.
20. Combat readiness for provocations of women.
21. Remember the position of the king
22. Control of involuntary actions
23. Evaluation of position-567
24. Do not hurry involuntary actions
25. Before the move develop the habit of pausing
26. Checking the move for the best move
27. Avoid crowds of people, they will yell
28. Before you make a move, think for 5-6-7 minutes
29. Read this instruction every hour aloud
30. If you are in a good mood, be doubly careful with approaches.

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