How to program yourself?

Why is Russia at the bottom?

Why 50 years of stagnation?

Why, in terms of living standards, we have fallen back to the last places on the planet, why do pensioners rummage through garbage dumps like dogs ??

Despite the fact that in terms of natural resources, Russia is the richest part of the land.

The answer to this question should be sought in the country's history itself.

For the last 1000 years Russia has been a country of slaves and slave owners.

And this is still the case.

The entire system of upbringing and education of a person from 2-20 years old prepares him as a slave, lackey or harlequin.

The first slave owners are parents, they destroy the will of the baby in the bud, repeating what their parents did to them.

They are driven into complexes of guilt, shame, fear, conscience, humility, duty.

- look in the eyes

- listen

- answer

- are not you ashamed

- you are not ashamed

- apologize

- come

- stand in a corner

Then a kindergarten, a children's concentration camp, teaches the child the model BABA - GOD.

Boys are taught through fairy tales such as "The Scarlet Flower" and "The Tale of the Goldfish" to worship the god of a woman, to fulfill her will.

And the school completes the training of a slave, a lackey and a harlequin:

During this entire period from 2-20 years, a person hears and performs at least 140 thousand harmful slave commands !!

Which shaped his character as a slave, hundreds of bad habits, which close his psyche to harmful dominants and the decision-making system.

- a woman is always right

- woman weaker sex

- the woman must give in

- give the salary to the wife

- obey your wife

- to fulfill the will of a woman

- serve a woman

- the will of a woman

A slave country cannot live well by definition.

Hence the widespread poverty.

So what do you do?

- learn to get out of slavery:

There are 12 main ways.

Pull the habits of a slave, lackey and harlequin hammered into you from childhood with a nail puller and replace them with new ones.

Prepare yourself as a strong-willed person.

Will is the ability and ability to occupy a position won for you:

 Marshal Zhukov, emperor, minister, tsar, military leader, plant director, theater director, secretary of the Central Committee.

1). Any question is a manifestation of the will, not to answer slavish questions.

2). Every day, 500 times a day, repeat the phrases that you are programmed into volitional positions, and it is better to write them in English

- my will

- position Marshall Zhukov

- the position of the king

- do not rush

- degree

- reduce everything

- reduce

- do not talk

- do not listen

- do not look

- time control

- stop list

3). Keep a daily diary of will,

4). Lead "Battle orders".

five). Maintain a "Stop List" and achieve its implementation.

6). Sobriety from 7 years.

7). Take 100 chess lessons from the trainers.

eight). Jogging daily 10 minutes

nine). Eliminate submission to the will of a woman.

ten). All surfaces of the house write reference signals.

eleven). Become an agitator of the will: convince 365 people a year of these principles.

12). Exclude kindergartens, from 4-9 years old take a child three tutors: mathematics, English, chess.

This is, by the way, the self-programming system of the patriarch of chess Mikhail Botvinnik.