The Light of Queen Library ch. 9

Chapter 9. The Library

- Still, I have  too many questions for you.
Jean-Flynn was standing by the wall, smiling.
- It seems to me, my lady, or are you too connected with Slavic mythology?
The queen held her hand. The whole house was lit by candles, but the unusual and incredibly bright lamps of the daytime color began to light up a little. Shine. Of course! Light of the Library.
- It not seems to you, the Librarian-Fenix.
Milady looked back at him. Her dress was incredibly beautiful. On the  sleeves were a net, with a dark pattern - a branches, a golden dress emphasized her figure, her hair was more magnificent ... The cuffs were different too. The collar is raised. The back of the dress was open to the waist. The  image of the Queen of the Library has changed. This is not the look of a tired and sad girl, but she looks like  the Queen, which will not stop at nothing.
- You ... Beautiful wardrobe ...
Jean-Flynn's eyes fell on the Queen's back.
- Are you worried only about Vyriy, the hawk and some moments? By the way, in the original he is Falcon, do you remember?
- Yes ... Of course ... I do not remember.
The Queen corrected the glove, which merged with the sleeve.
- You're so funny, Jean-Flynn Cars’en. I want to tell you that ... You're not fired. And how can I dismiss a memory? - Alicia smiled slyly.
- What?! So it's because I cannot come back?!
- If it comforts you, so will I. The Memories. So, if  Jacques did not fight for me, who knows  what this place  would become? Yes, Lonkrua?
- Do not fool me!
Jean-Flynn caught her hand and pulled her sharply to him. Alicia looked at him with a challenge.
- You so  desperately wanted to find me and you so desperately running now, just because you do not understand. I became the Memories, became Light, I was always the Queen of Libraries, but our meeting ... or not ... it does not matter. Too much you remind me of Jacques, but I still have not revealed to myself - who are you, Librarian? Come on, I'll tell you the truth that the Librarians do not know on the other side. In your former world ...
- You make me crazy ... sometimes.
- This is mutual.
Jean laughed.
- Now it's clear how we all remembered.
- And we did not forget ... Cars’en ..
- But in anger you're hot girl!
- Calm down! - Laughed Alicia.
Alicia's library restored itself. The cabinets stood in place, appeared a picture from the books.
- Is that what you're doing? Cool! By the way, what about your wing, or, your hand? - Jean-Flynn was delighted with what was happening.
-Yes. Thank you. I am fine. And by the way. I kept all the documentation in both Libraries. I'm talking about your Library in New York, did you realize that your Archive is unusual place? In addition to accounting. This I appointed the Librarians and reserved the right ...
- Resurrect it like a Memories, right? You cannot forget me, therefore I'm alive in any ... situation ... Yes?
The Queen put her hand on Jean-Flynn's back and he felt her tender warmth.
- Yes. I save books from destroyed libraries, those that burned or were looted. All originals are here. Also I can contact the soul of any Library, not in vain in all of them there is Light.
- And what was with us?
- You had all the most important books of the World, primary sources, but not my books. Archive of all the magic and knowledge of the world ... But something left behind its limit.
- Why aren't you the main library? - Jean-Flynn asked, hinting at the Archive. There is nothing better than to wander in it. But Brian did not always go down to the Archive - sometimes the doors simply slammed in front of him.
- We have some contradictions. Even when we created us. But I'm always close.
Alicia sat on the throne.
- Come to me, Jean-Flynn Cars’en. Do you remember the ink?
- The envelope? Of course! So this is  you called me?
- Of course. Do you remember your workouts with Excalibur? I was in good shape then ... It was so interesting to be invisible, but to fight with you, while you thought that Excalibur was living its own life. Write these letters to you, to constitute a register. So many people  were such a  bore. But you were different from all the other candidates. Sword, by the way, you pulled out  all on your own, Arthur.
- Are you Cal? - Jean-Flynn jumped joyfully. - God, you've been my friend all this time! How cool, I did not notice you! Incredible! You always ...
- I've always been amused by your  emotions, Jean.
- Can you show me how it was that we did not see?
- Of course, it’s just strange that you didn’t ask about the Archive.
- I saw him ... But your secret ... Show me , show me!
Alicia gave him her hands. He took her little arms in his hands. On her neck was a drawing in the form of ivy, and on the temples ...
He saw everything. Indeed, the Queen ruled Cal ( so Jean-Flynn named it), sometimes as an ordinary sword, sometimes he was on his own. Alicia stood in the doorway, escorting Jean-Flynn and the other Librarians, the Guardian,  in whose place Brian came. She was always there. I sat on the edge of the table, when Jean-Flynn was sitting behind the books, she was  invisible and emitting light. That's what her words meant "I just need to be there." She was always busy with  other matters, and did not abandon the search for her book, but always came to the rescue.
- Milady ... - Jean-Flynn shook his head, moving away from the beautiful picture.
- What, the Librarian?
- How should we do now?
- Find what  will stop Sophie. Come on. By the way about the portrait. I decided everything, if something happens to me, she will become the next Queen. You saw portraits of the Guardians and the Queens.
- Who is “she”? Oh no, enough to lose!
They went into the archives of the Queen.
- You wanted to know about the Librarians? - She pointed to a sandalwood chest of drawers. - There is a dossier  of everybody. And ink. ...
Alicia opened the top drawer of the dresser and took out a pen and a sheet of paper. She wrote, but nothing appeared. They waited, and the ink began to  glow in golden letters. The faithful handwriting of the Library.
-I remember that in another place, - Jean-Flynn said.
- Yes, on the stage I wrote you a hint. And yet where is your hysterics about magic?
- It's your contradiction with Roy, yes, your Highness?
- Yes. And its reason is that the library is against the use of magic. Everyone was trying to protect me. But I was born this way. Magic and Light are me, and the other can not be. Only I can hide it. If my light goes out, I will die. And with me,  the Library.
Jean-Flynn took off the ring and left it on the dresser.
- And how do you get into the Libraries?
- Shelves with books. In each bookcase books are laid out in a certain order and have their own picture.  Each one is a door. But they are protected, so in case of an attack, it's just books in the shelves. Any more questions?
- Stepan ...
- There is a vile character in every story.
- Dark?
- Something like that.
- Are you ... therefore you're always alone?
- Again - something like that.
- And if something has changed?
- This is interesting for me.
- Milady, will you permit me to stay with the files?
- Okay.
Milady's gone. Jean-Flynn looked at her. He once doubted that there is. But now he is sure. He's alive like never before. Let them be a memory, but a bright memory.
The librarians did their work, most of the files were in golden folders with a stamp - an oak branch. This meant a great job. It was not so simple with Charlize and Juhson. They were not the parents of the Library and Queen in a direct, familiar sense. Rather, the Queen Library just so wanted, so that she don't feel lonely and have a family. Actually, Charlize was mentioned in several stories of the Librarians, starting ... with the Alexandria Library. Stepan was one of the Librarians, whose file was in a black folder. This meant traitors. And it is quite deserved. Not all librarians died. Some of them were driven out  with shame. The whole paradox is that they all went over to the  Snake Clan’s side. Stepan appeared in the days of Arthur. He was mentioned as an accomplice of the man who killed Arthur. He appeared in times of revolutions, wars, his dossier says that he destroyed and plundered the Queen's revenge, and even tried to steal Veles's book more than once. Then the Queen always brought people who saved artifacts. They were like Librarians outside the Library. In the end, all valuable artifacts, she left at home, and people - copies. Librarians from black folders are filthy characters. In general, the folder count was more than the Pictures in the Library. There was also a platinum folder. With the cradle - the Wheel of Fate. It was Jean-Flynn's folder, the thickest of the files. …
- Mr. Cars’en,-  her child's voice woke him. - Wake up.
- What? - Jean woke up and looked at the girl of about ten.
- Mr. Cars’en, the Queen is inviting you to dinner."
- And who are you?
- Me? What's the difference?
- It's just that I wonder where all of her people  come from.
- We just help her.
Jean-Flynn closed the dresser with the dossier and followed the girl. The child disappeared somewhere along the road.
- I'm a bit shocked -  your house, milady... - Jean-Flynn said to Alicia when he went down to the kitchen. - Smells delicious.
-I let Juhson go. I am alone and am cooking now. True? - Alicia smiled, adjusting her dressing gown. - I thought you were shocked by me.
- You make me crazy, Queen, - Jean-Flynn told her.
- This is Knowledge.
- Who? A girl?
- Of course. Hands.
Jean-Flynn put his hands away from the table and looked at the dish that Alicia had set.
- Bon appetit, the Librarian.
- Croissant, coffee, pasta ... Thank you, milady. Sit down?
- I am not hungry.
- Do not speak so. By the way, I thought that knowledge is you. Learning is light.
The queen sat opposite him. He got up and handed her a fork:
- I do not want to put this in your plate; you can eat from my plate. I do not think that the Light does not eat.
- Thank you.
Alicia ate a little pasta.
- I read your archive. How did people from black folders get to the Library?
- They are all hypocrites. They convinced me  at the time that they can fulfill the mission.  Actually, they lied.
- Thanks for breakfast.
Jean-Flynn shared the croissant and gave half to the Queen.
-Thank you, Jean-Flynn.
- Your Majesty ... - He leaned over, putting his hands on her shoulders. - But I read a curious thing in the dossier there. You did have three Veles books, only the names are different. Text and meaning different too. So, in Sophie's hands there are only 2 books. Where is the Book of Life?
- They are inherently different, Jean-Flynn. Only the one that they did not find, the Book of Life, is stronger than the  others.
- Does it exist?
- What? Veles book? Yes. Only the original differs from the copy. And it can change its content. The code of Magus is on it, so Sophie would still  find difficulty with  it... If it were not for the book of the Eternal Light.
- My God, how interesting. - Jean-Flynn hung his hands and laid his head on her shoulder.
- By the way, I think you'd read the runes. - Alicia smiled. - The Eternal Light writes the story itself about all mankind from the beginning  to infinity. So, I think there is a chapter about Veles's book, and hence its correct reading. Sophie, I think I’ve already read it. We still have a lot of work ahead of us.
Alicia got up, and Jean fell into a chair.
Jean-Flynn stood on the steps, looking at the portrait of Alicia La Sven. Light girl in a golden dress.
- I am the third Queen. And the youngest. - He heard a whisper beside him. - Do you know Ukrainian?
- I did not have time to learn, but I think I will learn  it without any difficulty .
- My servant will lead you into the courtyard.  I think my library will need a Librarian too.
- Cool, but what  would I do before that?
    Her look said: "What you and everybody did  was nonsense," but she tactfully remained silent, disappearing into the sunlight.
- Hey! It's not fair!
Jean-Flynn was taken to the yard.
- Milady, and what are you planning?
- I'm worried about one question, Flynn.
Alicia emerged from the trunk of a tree. She held the hilt of a sword, and a hat with wide margins hid her face.
- But you yourself have given me more than once ...
-A chance to run. You see, Jean-Flynn, the question in not even the battle  between Librarians and Evil. This is the battle of queens. She challenged me. And I  accept the challenge. It depends on our battle whether the Book will forever die, or survive. Rockwell, Sophie. ...
- And what  will I lose? You've deliberately taken away from your life everybody, Juhson and Charlize are here because they ... always in my heart. But you .... You left only yourself.
- I have nothing to lose too. More. Absolutely.
Alicia took out her sword and  gave it to the Librarian.
- Do not let me down. We have a big adventure ahead of us.
-Oh,  my Queen, of course!
Alicia did not look back and took him by the collar and dragged him along. Why didn't he ask about the Brian folder ... Was it really lost again? They stopped by the shore.
- First lesson. I want to teach you is how to fly.
- To teach ... what? I am by the way perfectly capable of flying the plane!
The Queen's aide opened a large box. The Queen gave her a sword.
- Wow! - Jean-Flynn was already about to examine her wings.
- Take off your shirt.
- We seem to be little acquainted.
- That's an order.
Flynn looked at her with puppy eyes and took off his jacket, shirt, T-shirt.
- And whether there was a sense to hide such a torso? - Asked the cunning milady.
- Well, then what?
Alicia took her wings and put them on Jean-Flynn's back. They immediately merged with him, and Cars’en wanted to scratch his back.
- What? What is there? Let me see!
- Do not twist, like a dog trying to catch its tail!
Alicia took off her gloves and her hands became wings.
- Imagine that these are your wings. Dissolve in this.
Jean-Flynn tried, but his wings only moved a little. La Sven began to  move at him, and he retreated. The Queen looked slyly at him. Jean-Flynn spread his wings.
- You ... You're the Bereguinya!
Alicia caught him so easily that he did not notice how they climbed above the water.
-I have many names. Jean-Flynn. More freedom! You do not have a keeper here. I have to teach you some things.
Alicia let him go and he kept himself in flight.
- Let's have fun?
- Come on!
Alicia flew over the lake, cutting the water surface with her wing-hand. Jean-Flynn waved his wings and flew after her, also cutting the water with the feather of the wing. Alicia liked to fly. And Jean-Flynn ... He was delighted! Jean-Flynn and Alicia froze in the air, and their wings supported them high above the lake.
- Thank you for the wings, - smiled Jean-Flynn. - I've never felt this way before ...
- I gave you wings. I hope you will heal a scar on my heart.
- Will I risk again? - Jean-Flynn flew closer.
- Can we do something differently, Jean-Flynn?
- These wings ...
- These are the wings of Cupid. - Alicia explained.
- This explains a lot!
- Hey! - Alicia flew back playfully. - If you want to kiss me, first you must catch me!
Alicia flew away from him. Jean-Flynn flew after her. He caught her when she was over the water.
- And I look, did you like it? - Alicia was smiling, but her heart was beating like a bird in a cage.
- The word of the Queen is law.
Jean-Flynn threw her up, and she rolled over on his back, spreading his wings wide. Alicia did not have time to recover herself, as she was in Jean-Flynn's warm embrace with his kiss on  her lips.
Wet, they crawled ashore and laughed.
- All right, give up your wings. - Alicia  put on the gloves, which her assistant brought.
- Well!
- I'll give them to you later. Turn around!
Alicia took off her wings.
- Do you know how you survived? - Milady nodded to her assistant and took the sword. - I forgot, I was talking about a candle?
- Remind me, sunshine, - Jean-Flynn said slyly.
- Poured out of wax one day?
- Unless in the childhood. I went to a circle, where we made candles at Christmas.
Alicia took him to a small workshop.
Inside the little hut was a table, a fireplace and a set of shelves. On one side the wall shone with hundreds of candles. On the other  side, the candles are extinguished. There were shelves  with vessels. As milady La Sven said, there was wax.
- And these candles. What happen? Are these all people dead? - Jean went to the candles.
- Alas.
Alicia planted Jean-Flynn at the table.
- I want to show you what happened when our candle extinguished.
Alicia took the form and removed a candle from the shelf, which is about to extinguish.
- This is a librarian. She is in danger. But I can help her. - Alicia put the candle on the table.
- What's wrong with her?
- Look at the flames, Jean-Flynn.
The librarian was a young woman. She was already going home. The light in the library of rare publications went out, she was already closing the door ... When suddenly a thief struck her on the head. And the candle went out. Jean-Flynn cried out and looked at Alicia.
- Alice ... Your Majesty …
- Do not be afraid. The wax is still warm.
Alicia told Jean-Flynn to make a candle from the wax. And do not forget about the wick. They put a candle in the center of the form, and Alicia filled in the wax.
The candle is ready, and Jean-Flynn and the Queen have lit it. Now they saw that the girl was alive.
- I also molded your candle again, Jean-Flynn, and my candle I  did a new one.
- And what  is Stepan's candle do here? He is expelled?
- I cannot think of a way to get rid of it ...
- Extinguish it.
- It`s does not work, it lights up again.
- Yes?
Jean-Flynn looked at the restless candle of Stepan. And the fireplace. He had a plan, but Alicia distracted him, asking him to pour out the candle, and she left.
- No, babe, this time you're not defending yourself in alone. You have a Librarian.
Jean-Flynn looked at Stepan's candle.
- Jean-Flynn? - Milady appeared so unexpectedly.
- Can you take a candle so that you do not extinguish its flame?
- Can. There is a case in which you can hide a candle. Even if a candle  does extinguish, a human doesn't die. Then you took it out , and it burns again. Why are you asking?
- Just because. You know, I'm curious.
Alicia smiled. She took a burning candle and put it on the table.
- For 317 years, only the second time I restore ... Or more? For me, time froze, it seems.
Jean-Flynn sat down beside her, putting his hands on her legs and looking faithfully into her eyes.
- Are not you afraid that the wax will burn you?-  Asked Lady La Swan.
- Nope.
Alicia ran her hand over the candle. The golden light-sand surrounded her with a whirlwind. The wax melted, becoming a cup. From the bowl, Alicia cut out Lotus and began to pour a wax on the workpiece, which turned into petals, solidifying, and in the center the fire came on.
- And what, so it is possible? - Jean-Flynn asked.
- If you are not the Light of the Library, then no.
- Is there any monopoly on magic?
- No.
Alicia laughed.
- Jean-Flynn ... - she took his hand.  -You asked me if I loved you. I love you. And more than any other  Librarian. I fell in love with you as Jacques. But that was a long time ago. and it does not matter. I love you again. But still, there is not enough time ...
- Alice ... Lady La Sven ...- whispered Jean-Flynn and kissed her knee.
Alice (Alicia) dissolved in the bright light, smiling.
- Alice ...- Flynn smiled.
Now he did not run away, and from him he could disappear into the person who he seems to have been looking for a long time.
Jean-Flynn looked at the case, about which Alicia had spoken, and hid Stepan's candle in it. He came out of the hut. For today all the lessons? Where is she ... Vyriy!
Jean-Flynn went to the World Tree.
Someone cleverly lifted him onto a tree branch.
- Will you sit with us? - Alicia handed him the glass.  - Meet this Hawk. And he has useful information for you.
Jean-Flynn closely looked at the Queen of the Libraries' companions, and his eyes widened. She was not the only one who was a human bird in her wondrous world. The dark-haired guy with blue multi-colored eyes (one eye was darker and the other light, like a husky eyes) tilted his head to the side, studying Jean. Yes. It was he. A faithful Hawk of Alicia, the librarian recognized this memorable, inexplicable look. A minute later, Hawk smiled and handed a glass of champagne to the librarian. Small talk on the branches of the World Tree.
- Nice to meet you, - Jean-Flynn nodded.
- Mr. Cars’en, I already told the Queen. New Town sprawls very quickly, and mostly its business quarters.
- Well people like similar cities and as before. Sophie just noticed it,- Jean-Flynn said.
- And the people? - Asked Alicia. - Sophie decided to build a shopping center on the site of a small park. People came out, and the next day they disappeared. The dissenters disappear quietly, in the night. Only Sophie's brutal biorobots remain. They sound an alarm, if something goes wrong. The epoch of hypocrisy and denunciations, "bravo". Sophie must be stopped. It's all ... Artificial.
- Queen, you will not like this idea.-  The hawk-guy lowered his eyes.
- Speak. I always listen to you.
- Brian Beird, who disappeared in New Orleans, appeared in New York, he rose to the apartment of Indie Jones, a former employee of the company Sophie Lonkrua. This was before his dismissal. So, according to our information, a person, whom Sophie can trust a cruel bissness , should go to the same apartment  ...
- Is he alive? Are you sure, Hawk? Henry ... We need to urgently return to New York.
- Yes you are right. - Alicia did not look happy. - Who is the Indie that the man Sophie is looking for?
- Only the Library Keeper may know about this ... And she she is not doing it now, - answered the young man. Indie Jones - the genius of technology Sophie, a man passing through any door ...
- So. Good. I dealt with the wall, but this Jones, if he was a genius in what Sophie manages, could clarify something. In particular, there may be Brian.
When he spoke his friend's name, his throat clenched. He heard the shot. And he thought - he died. But now a strange, inexplicable and frightening feeling did not leave him.
- Jean-Flynn, this is too dangerous! Guys, what do you think, champagne hit in the head ?? - The Queen was clearly against.
- You are welcome! He probably already lives in an apartment designed by Sophie! - begged Jean-Flynn.
- How can you risk it!
- Yes, I do not risk ... And you. He's your Librarian too.
- I'll leave you. This is for you, - the guy gave Jean-Flynn a strange black and silver folder, became a hawk and flew away.
- Thank you…
- Okay. I'll think about it. This is your puppy look, - Alicia agreed.
- I wouldn’t get you involved if I knew what happened.
- I believe you. I know how. The Book of the Life.
They got off the tree.
- Don't disappear, please, - Jean-Flynn whispered to her.
- I can't promise you that ...