The Light of Queen Library ch. 10

Chapter 10.On the trail of Brian Beird.
- We come back here again and again.
Jean was clearly excited. Alicia led him through her Library straight to where the sooty black walls remained. And it would seem - the entrance to the archive. No one was interested in him anymore, and yet the artifact, which two librarians, Сars’en and Byrd, went for, was definitely connected with the Veles book. If Alicia is just as obsessed with finding her, then ... that's why she ended up at the accident site ... Or not?
She gently took his hand and led him to the exit. In the silence, her heart was pounding. And the Light of the Library was more real than itself ... If, of course, we take the story of quantum immortality as the truth. I would not wish this on anyone.
- We are returning, dear Jean, because it is so important for you to find your friend.
- Why do you agree with my whims? - Jean-Flynn dropped his eyes and looked thoughtfully at the little lady.
- Because I can no longer afford to be alone.
There was a sad meaning in these words ... and Jean-Flynn understood it.

The taxi brought them directly to the house where Indy Jones lived. And where Brian's trail led. Jean-Flynn was hiding something, and then Alicia considered - this is a service weapon.
- Where did you get it? - the Queen whispered.
- From Brian. He served in the special forces, but then the Library called him. He got a letter. And then I was alone, and I needed a bodyguard-librarian.
- Did you open the envelope?
- No.
- I have not sent any letters to anyone.
Jean-Flynn looked around, clearly not expecting this. But they were standing at the door of the apartment, and it was too late to retreat. The librarian knocked down the door, and with a pistol went after Alicia, guarding her in case of something ... and himself too.
It was a standard apartment in New Town, like Charlize's, except the walls were not light beige, but dark burgundy.
- Brian? - Jean called a friend, but he was not in the house.
- Who you are? - Heard Jean-Flynn and Alicia from the front door.
The owner of the apartment stood on the threshold. A young guy of 25-26 years old, looks like an Asian, dark-haired, but the color of the eyes Jean-Flynn and Alicia could not distinguish. The guy twisted the earpiece in his hands, and did not take his eyes off the intruders.
“We're librarians,” Alicia began to speak, but Jean interrupted her.
As the Asian approached closer, Jean-Flynn said menacingly:
- Where did you get this thing?
The man pointed to the hat on the table.
- A. That Henry forgot.
- Which Henry?
- Jean-Flynn Carsen, where are your manners?? - Alicia said menacingly, and Jean fell silent. - Are you Indy Jones? Our colleague's name is Brian Baird, he disappeared on an expedition, and then we found information that he was heading towards you?
- As long as I have lived here, I don't recall anyone with that name, - said Indy.
-  That’s strange.
- It is strange, my lady, that you decided to hack into an apartment so rudely on a new project. More precisely, your friend. Colleague. I also worked for Sophie Lonkrua's company. I was the best engineer in the company, and I was bypassed by that redhead math genius Keely Cass. She was the one who was sent to play the TV wall at the New York Public Library, and that was a very prestigious job! Now, if you asked about her ...
- Would you help? - Alicia looked mesmerizing, and it was all the same to her accent.
- Who is Henry? Jean-Flynn asked.
- I will show you now. In vain, or what, you broke into my apartment?
Indy sat down at the table and put his hand on the surface. A monitor "grew" from its depths. And instead of a keyboard, Indy simply moved his hand across the table.
- Here,-  Indy pointed to the monitor screen.
Jean-Flynn looked closely, and felt the pain of betrayal. In a man with a small beard, mustache, with an elongated face, tanned in the sun, in a careless traveling suit, but with a military posture, he recognized Brian. And while Flynn ceased to exist, Brian turned into Henry. Why did he stun him?
- There he was,-  Indy said. “I really shouldn't be here. My camera picked it up. Sophie is not happy that I'm still alive. Can I help you?
- Can.
- Why is he so sad? - Indy pointed to Jean-Flynn.
- His friendship has just died.

Leaving, Jean decided to look at the apartment. And exactly at that moment Brian entered the apartment ... Most likely he returned for the thing. Fortunately, he did not notice the recent visitors to the apartment. Flynn is just a memory ... which Brian has successfully erased from his memory.