The Light of Queen Library ch. 11

  Jean-Flynn quickly went up to the room and immediately bent over the minibar.
The Queen was preoccupied with her thoughts, and therefore did not immediately notice his disappearance. She examined the bookcase in which the books were drawing — Excalibur.
- Ваше Величество.. (vashe velichestvo) (Your Majesty-пер. автора и транслит.), - Olga called her.
The girl was really like the Queen.
- Да, Ольга (Da, Olga) (Yes, Olga-пер. автора и транслит.)?
- Боюсь, Флинн находится в плохом психоэмоциональном состоянии (Boyus' Flynn nakhoditsa v plokhom psycho-emochionalnom sostoyanii) (I'm afraid Flynn is in a poor psycho-emotional state  -пер. автора и транслит.).
- Это было так много лет...(Eto bylo tak mnogo let) (It's been like this for years...-пер. автора и транслит.) He’s been like this for years, the unpleasant detail for us is that his confidant and support turned out to be Sophie’s right hand ... Jacques sent Sophie to the scaffold, and she miraculously escaped. She takes the most expensive . This is an intriguer with experience. But it seems she is not alone in this.
- Help him. Milady, you need each other.
- May be. You know, Olga ... - Alicia put her hand on the book on the shelf. - I would be happy if at least one man loved me. Alicia. Not my job. Strength. I can do everything myself.
- I know. But you also know that you are used to calmness in his hands ...
- Good. Take me to him. Where is he?
- First I drank in the room, then I went to the city. I took it. He is in the park.
- Strongly drunk?
- I don’t know, my lady.

Alicia went out to the park. Olga pointed to a bench under a lantern with an umbrella. Alicia wrapped herself up and walked over to him.
- How long have you been sitting? Just don't start "I got drunk like a pig."
- For a long time.
Jean-Flynn moved over and Alicia sat down beside her.
- Wake up? Jean-Flynn asked.
- What do you have? Rum?
- No, whiskey.
- Jean, what are you? Why did you break off?
- I began to doubt where the reality is ... You see, Alicia, it seemed to me that I loved so much ... Who? I don't even remember this woman, she is in front of my eyes ... She seemed so dear and close to me ... But now, nothing ... I lived a different life, why did I need to know about the fire after which I came to work ... Time seemed to have stopped. Brian was my brother. I taught him what I knew, he taught me protection. And so we went for this artifact ... He kept telling some powerful magic book that it should be hidden from the Snake Clan. You see, Alicia, this isn't the first time they've been following us? And then this accident. This is the sound of a shot.
- So you also have a memory that is killing you ... Remember further.
- I cannot once again hear a shot, squeal of brakes and remember all this! You thought I was the best librarian, Shine of Libraries, and I lost everything.
Jean-Flynn burst into tears of despair. Alicia hugged him and pressed his head to her shoulder, hiding:
- Give me the bottle.
The queen took the bottle and threw it away.
- You’re not helping anyone with this.
- People are dying because of me ...
- The time has come when you were avenged for what you could not know. Henry found you, Sophie found you. Brian is alive, you wanted it. Too much has fallen on you ... Someday we will definitely find out the truth.
- Milady ...
Jean-Flynn hugged her.
- I'll talk to you later ...-  Alicia said sternly.
Alicia got up and walked away. Jean-Flynn watched her go.
- Before you do something, remember who you spoke to, when you were alone, whom you thought about. All these years. They don't enter the house with dirty feet ...
Alicia returned home with mixed feelings. Jean-Flynn went upstairs to her.
- I'm sorry, - she heard Jean-Flynn's voice.
- Not at all, Jean-Flynn. This was your family. Your love. At least you don’t know what it’s like when the tip of the sword pierces your heart. And you can't breathe ...
Alicia continued to examine the Excalibur rack.
- Is this Excalibur? Jean-Flynn walked over to the rack.
- Yes. Each rack is a certain mythology. A door. Besides. It was not like it. I can't understand in any way. ..
- Camelot?
- Exactly!
Alicia looked back and saw Jean-Flynn. He smiled and tilted the topmost book in the drawing towards himself.
- And I know this book ... - Alicia reached for the book. - This is one of the rune books from the Anna Yaroslavna Collection. She was in the department of her library with me ...
- Runes? Then it is logical that she is in the mythology of the Celts.
- Awesome!
Jean-Flynn moved closer to Alicia. Lady La Sven put her hands back and the books fell to the floor.
- I know who I was thinking... But I didn't think you existed, - Jean-Flynn whispered.
- I wouldn't bother you either...
- I can't let magic kill you ... I can't ...-  Jean-Flynn bowed his head.
 - You know what can kill me ...
Jean-Flynn picked up Alicia. But she stretched out her arms and disappeared into light.
- Alicia ... You won't stop doing that, will you? Jean-Flynn asked into the void.

In the morning, Alicia sat at the shelf, picking up books.
- Good morning, - she heard Jean-Flynn's voice.
- Good. I can congratulate you - our journey is only now really starting. Alicia gave him a sly look.
Milady rolled up her sleeves.
- I’m so bored ... it was, she smiled as she read the books.
- Wow boring!
- I'm going back. I need to save my people. Are you with me, Carsen?
- How long have you known me?
- It's been too long. These were the books of Anna Yaroslavna. We do not have the Veles book, but these books and the Book of Life will help us ... Only one problem ... I last saw it in the 19th century...
- Wow...
Jean-Flynn opened one of the books:
- And what is this language?
- Modern Ukrainian. I reconfigured my books to make it easier to read. Here's the real one. ”She passed her hand over the book, and the book turned out to be written in an older language.
- How is this language related to Camelot?
- And how is Volkhovnik "Veles's book" connected with runes, if the official version is written in an unknown language? Alicia looked at him, her hands folded across her legs. - It seems to have taken everything into account.
- You're a mystery, Alice.
- Get used to it. We're going back.
Alicia put in the last book and took the sword bag.
- Do I recognize you? Jean-Flynn asked her, taking her hand.
- It depends on you...
They remained on opposite sides of the portal illuminated by light. Radiance flooded everything, and they disappeared.