The Light of Queen Library ch. 12

Jacques Loncrua rode slowly along the forest path. The usual route, and even his horse must have learned it by heart.
- Step aside! He heard.
A carriage was driving towards him. The gaze of the stranger women, who was sitting in it, accompanied by another girl, and the gaze of Jacques's brown eyes crossed. A lace-gloved handle slid out the window. She dropped her handkerchief and hid ...
The carriage started again. Jacques raised his handkerchief, but there was a note under it. "Today." Jacques began to remember something, but could not. I didn't want to go home. The story with the Duchess de Latverie spoiled their relationship with his wife. Sophie threatened to kill her rival, whoever she was. And he did not want to argue ...
The carriage stopped. The stranger's graceful handle looked out the window again. She beckoned him to follow her. Not a word. Only the "Follow me" gesture.
Jacques guided the horse to follow the carriage.
The carriage stopped on the shore of a large lake. A short, fair-haired girl and her double, an assistant, emerged from her. The stranger opened her umbrella and rested it on her shoulder. And the assistant went to help the coachman.
Jacques dismounted and walked over to her.
- It will be a trap. The stranger said to him, without even looking back. - We were in his Library now. There is no book.
- What are you talking about, mademoiselle?
- Alicia ... My name is Alicia. I'm talking about "Patriarchy". Where is he doing it ...
- I have not heard of such a book ...
- It's a misnomer, but let it be ... Follow me. Jean-Flynn Carsen.
- Who?
- Madam, will you still stay? The assistant asked.
- Yes, Olga! Come on, Jacques. Jean-Flynn is you. But now I'm a little more comfortable.
- What do you need me for?
- You will find out very soon.

They got into the carriage. Jacques Longcrua (Jean-Flynn Cars`en), Alicia and Olga.
The carriage soon rode out of the forest ... onto the streets of the city. But that was another century, another city ... And it combined ancient architecture and the 21st century. For Jacques, it was like a dream.

The Theatre. A white building that looks like a palace. Twin Towers - each with a touch of the past and present.

- Where are we? Alice?
After leaving the 18th century, he remembered her.
Alice (Alicia) raised her hand.
A little more and the carriage turned to the streets of the Old City, each one was similar to each other.
- Alice? Olga? - Jean-Flynn (Jacques) still didn't understand what was going on.
- Do you know what scares me in the whole history of my memory, Jacques? More precisely Jean-Flynn, ”Alicia said without looking at him. - I may not be at any moment. And your Sophie Loncroix will be the reason.
- I.e?
- Or any other of your many loved ones,- Alicia continued, and her voice grew more and more sad. - What have you done?
Alicia looked at him and left, disappearing into the streets.
- What? Olga, what does this mean ?? - asked Jean-Flynn (Jacques).
- That Sophie has already killed her once with someone else's hands. And now she is afraid of repetition. Afraid and coming to you anyway, Jean-Flynn. You are a fool, Jean-Flynn Carsen, aka Jacques Loncrua.
- Do you know where she went?
- I know.
Jean-Flynn felt uneasy. Charlize and Jason, his teachers and patrons disappeared again, they got confused at all times, perhaps the rune books of Anna Yaroslavna were to blame.
Olga brought Jean-Flynn to the seashore.
- This is one of the cities that appeared in the 18th century,-  Alicia said. - For some reason I chose Mariupol. Although not quite suitable for our trip, there is a sea and a port.
- I...
- What, Jean-Flynn? Jacques, like Arthur, are just the names of your soul. Your Morgana has always been too close to you. The queen looked at him.
- I'm confused, my lady.
- But I’m not.
Alicia walked along the beach, leaving Jean-Flynn behind. He caught up with her and stopped:
- Not long ago I had a "brother", there was a different life! Now we are being pursued by a wife from my past, Brian is on the side of the Serpents, you are at risk ...
- I’m risking for myself. When I was composing the books, I realized that everything could repeat itself. I can no longer deceive my heart. Let's find the book and go with God, you are a memory to me, for everyone else you are more than alive ... Another gift from me, Mr. Cars`en.
- And if I don't want to leave?
- I doubt it.
- For some reason I want to stay with you ...
- Time will tell, - Alicia replied.