The Light of Queen Library ch. 13

Chapter 13. The Mechanical Butterfly

Sophie Loncroix's office has been transformed. She, as the governor, moved into the residence - one of the few untouched old houses in a small provincial town. Cozy and comfortable. She remained the head of the company, a huge technological empire. The Clan's lair was right there ... after all, the Serpent Clan successfully proved to be the leading party. TV-wall gradually faded into the background and remained only in those cities that were the first to transform. But the bracelets continued to be. In part, they replaced the wiretapping in the walls.
It got a little boring. And Sophie began to return time. She had already forgotten the book for Veles, and what was the point, she got the power she dreamed of, the life of Jean-Flynn was broken, like Alicia's library. Only now, the eternal black archaeologist Stepan, who had suddenly gone over to her side, did not like her.
Sophie wrapped herself with a blanket and went to the window with a cup of hot coffee. Stepan rummaged in her garden. Dirty and confused.
Hearing a crack in the fireplace, Sophie looked around. It turned out that her servant had come in and threw wood in the fireplace.
- Are you freezing, my lady? - she asked the hostess ...
- I'll bring more ...
- Wait. Can you find me someone to get rid of this walking Chaos in my garden? Sophie sipped her coffee calmly.
-  I’ll try.
Sophie looked at her wristband and out into the yard. What Stepan was digging up so hard turned out to be a bottle. Somehow quickly after his arrival night began to fall. Stepan merged with the darkness and disappeared.
- In this regard, I understand you, Alicia La Swain.
The room grew warm, and sunbeams were running across the chocolate wood walls of Sophie's house - the light from the candles and the fireplace reflected in the mirrors. Sophie was celebrating her victory. If Alicia and Jean-Flynn go to Headquarters or go to Washington, they will immediately go to the industrial zone and remain there forever in corrective labor for a lifetime.
Sophie looked at the box on the table. And she did not notice when the baby, her son Michael, entered the room:
- Where is Henry ??
- Why do you need him when you have a mom. Sophie looked at him, narrowing her eyes.
- I almost never saw you! Henry loves me!
- Babe, Henry lied to you. And his name is Brian Byrd. She can do that. I didn't want to tell you this. But you are already an adult, you are 5 years old. I don't want you to get attached to him. Because it will hurt me if I lose him. This thought upset me very much.
- But mom!
- Michael ... I love you, why are you hurting me? - Sophie took Michael in her arms and sat down next to her. - Do you know what's in this box?
- No, - the boy looked carefully.
- Look.
Sophie pressed a button on the box and it opened. A mechanical butterfly with a glass bell flew out of the box. The butterfly was mesmerizingly beautiful, its wings were the finest work, and the legs and proboscis were as mobile as the real one. Michael was delighted. He held up the pen, and the butterfly from Sophie's hand went to Michael's.
- You know, she’s practically real.- She even has a heart. - Sophie looked tenderly at her son. - Do you want to see her drinking nectar?
- I wanna!
Sophie hid the butterfly in the box and they went out into the garden. Sophie released a butterfly near the flower bed. She flew up to the flower and sucked pollen inside the glass belly.
- Where do you want to go?
- I want ... I want to go to the cinema!
- Good. Until then, I have to work. I am always with you. And you will get a whole new world from your mother.
A butterfly flew into the child's hand and scratched it imperceptibly. The kid fell asleep, and Sophie ordered to hide him in the "cinema" - a room with a TV wall. She was afraid of losing him.