The Light of Queen Library ch. 14

Chapter 14.
Alicia and Flynn. All dots above “I”

Sophie was wrong. Alicia knew everything, although she pretended not to know where Brian was, who the boy Michael was, what was going on and how to fix it. A wise, careful woman hid behind loneliness and independence. Alicia knew full well that Sophie had ruined Jean-Flynn's life that night. She takes revenge on Jacques, completely ignorant of Carsin. Stupid? It is not wise to live in the past. Alicia simply has no time to find out. Only the memory of the injury is her nightmare, there is too much light in it to fall into darkness. Librarians need it. All of them are under her caring light wing.
Sophie ... Alicia decided to think about Sophie's technology empire. This has been going for a long time. Sophie is an evil tech genius, but she's a leader. But not a creator. And Alicia is the creator. Perhaps this is why her garden and New Library are constantly "growing". And Sophie's world is becoming a dystopia.

Jean-Flynn walked over to Alicia unnoticed. She was reading one of the rune books.
Lady La Sven looked back when she saw someone putting a mug of coffee next to her.
- Jean-Flynn?
He kissed her hand and smiled:
- Good morning, Milady. Where did you hide Charlize and Jason?
- Charlize is at home, and I let Jason go. I cannot risk it.
- You can't risk anyone but yourself ... What was that? About the port? Was it a dream? - Jean-Flynn did not take his eyes off her.
Alicia put her book down and turned to Jean-Flynn.
- You see, Carsen, - she took his hands, “being the Queen of the Library is very difficult. I can disappear all the time. Because somewhere my help is needed, or a new unique book was found. The librarians of even the simplest rural library are subordinate to me. Each library stores secret knowledge. Even if they are in the cookbook. The previous Queen taught me to care and protect. But my strength is not unlimited. I need protection too. Devotion. Although not a single Librarian knows about my existence. As for the port, more of a vision. We will go back there. Wait. Some more. I'll finish reading and we'll go.
- Maybe I can help? You can count on my loyalty. Jean-Flynn winked at her.
- Have you studied Slavic runes?
- Scandinavian. But I will understand these too. I even understood the language of birds.
- Then read it.
Alicia got up and wanted to go, but Jean-Flynn pulled her over himself, and she fell into his arms.
- We didn't finish. How can I protect you if I don't know anything about Stepan?
- Do you want to share my nightmare with me? Well, listen. He was my uncle. I didn't appoint him as Librarian. On my own. Others with black folders - yes, it's my fault. But Stepan was him from birth. Perhaps that's why I am the Queen of the Library. And I had to let him in. He realized that he could cash in on the Library. When in the distant years he realized that he was blacklisted, Stepan came to me and began to threaten. Then Sophie and the Cardinal ... It was a disgusting year. The book is lost. Stepan ... He was the same Musketeer who wounded me in Paris in 1702. This monster breaks into my life over and over again. I tried to buy him off with a library in a house in the village of Velyki Burluki. He broke everything. I tried to kick him out, but he comes ... I hope he never comes back.
- I promise he won't touch you. And I also thought, somewhere I saw him ... I remember he tried a couple of times to enter my Library.
- You are my hero, Jean-Flynn Carsen. The library will not forget your kind heart ... Jacques ...
Alicia brushed Jean-Flynn's cheek tenderly. Jean-Flynn was embarrassed. Alicia smiled and left.
The sun was really warm today. Spring? Yes, it seems like May. How fast does time fly? Not surprisingly, Alicia doesn't notice him. The Snake Clan has always been a hassle for the Jean-Flynn Library, but only recently has he realized who is behind it. The Library queen was doubly difficult. With the subordination of all souls of the libraries to her and with Stepan's constant visits, it is difficult to control everything. But she can. Perhaps Alicia's light source is her home. While he is, Alicia shines as bright and affectionate as today's sun. However, she is not alone who can radiate radiance. I wonder why...
Jean-Flynn went to the window. An incredible illusion, when a seemingly ordinary house inside was an endless library, amazed him. Birds chirped in the Library, and it smelled like Jean-Flynn was in the woods after a rain, and there was a waterfall nearby.
- When it's over, Jean-Flynn, I'll leave the choice to you. Where will you stay. Now you see everything yourself, - he heard Alicia's voice.
Jean-Flynn looked up and was surprised, he hadn't noticed the third floor before! Or did Alicia "finish building" it?
Alicia rolled up the sleeves of her sweatshirt and dropped the book to Jean-Flynn. He caught it.
- Train. This is one of Anna's books. Just hurry up. Another journey awaits us today.
- Thank you for your trust, Your Majesty ...
Alicia disappeared and suddenly appeared near Jean-Flynn.
- I want to show you something.
A whirlwind of light enveloped them and carried them to the third floor. It turns out that it was under construction. The house was in constant motion and in this it looked like the Jean-Flynn Library (its Archive-labyrinth). From sparks of light, new shelves appeared, columns, tables, railings appeared, it seemed that Alicia could not stop and constantly builds, sits, creates ...
- I decided to transfer some corridors to the third floor. How well do you think? Anna has such useful books, - the Queen told admiringly.
-Your Majesty, you are the only Queen of your kind.
- Well yes. Well yes.
- Let me leave you? And I will decode your book.
- Go.
When Jean-Flynn left, Alicia smiled. It's strange that he hasn't escaped yet. Not counting only the case when he had a nervous breakdown from the fact that his "brother" became his enemy. Although the Queen did not keep the doors closed. And Jean-Flynn knew the way out. Like hers, he has a photographic memory. So there was more than serving the Library? Jean, Jean. And Sophie, it turns out, did not know him at all. His stubbornness, love, courage. Only calculation and protection. Maybe she did. The Snakes have their own code. Alicia even forgot her loneliness. But some forces had to be restored. And she went to the gym on the first floor.