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What is Recognition?
It is the excitement of the blood liquid in the vessel of heart,
But it is not a storm of passion which spills over the vessel’s edges,
Breaking it into peaces, causing injuries and wounds.
It is that light vibration that stops the breathing
And awakes tenderly and gingerly.
As if you have fallen asleep on a boat which swings idly on water,
And nearby a huge ship is passing,
Causing small but feelable waves of different amplitude.
And this new swinging excites the memories of bliss,
Perceptible only in bright dreams,
Lightening up the grey existence.

Having woken up, you want to raw as hard as possible
To reach the leaving ship.
Shout louder! They will for surely hear you, if you have recognized your ship.
They will throw you a rope and you will be able to tie your boat to it.

Afraid? Of course.
If you choose following the big ship
You can’t return to the place where you had slept all that time
Living in haze and recklessness,
Reveling in the relative wellbeing
And constantly anxious to lose it.
What way does the following the Big ship open?
Will the boat, which oars are now replaced by the rope thrown from the ship, keep its balance?
It is possible to drown in the splashes filling the boat,
But they are just manifestation of unrecognized feelings and emotions.
Now, to keep afloat it is necessary to recognize them
And scoop them out like water.

Is it possible to fall asleep in such situation?
Sleeping is equal to death. But when you set sale,
You leave behind a lion’s share of inactivity and misbelieves
Reconciling with your inner fear.
And as you leaving them, you see
That your boat transforms into a yacht,
Gaining stability, making friends with winds.
It does not use the rope any more
To be firmly attached to the ship,
Because now it has a sail, but it can find the use to the rope as well.
Throw its end in the water,
Let it be compassion to all
Who wakes up from the waves of the passing by yacht.

In order not to get lost
The vision of the ship sailing ahead is enough,
Even the feeling of its trace on the water will be enough,
And the skill you have mastered on the way.
This feeling is Recognition.
This recognition – is the Path.
Let the worthy join it-
Those in the vessels of hearts of which
Favorable activity will cause light vibration of their blood
Reminding them of the bliss of release.

Порой душа бросает якоря, весло в покое,
а веревка с яхты качается в пути неторопливо,
но чу, уже команда якоря поднять и плыть вперед-
необозримо впереди,что есть и было будет, а тот,
кто сможет происходящее понять вослед плывет, дорога проторена...
С Благодарностью!

Надежда Симачева   15.04.2021 10:57     Заявить о нарушении
Покой для Души иногда нужен, когда внешний шторм, вьюга..

спасибо, Надя!

Ольга Спесивцева Юурал   19.05.2021 12:00   Заявить о нарушении