computer industry - who, what, when, where, why

Part 1 Computer industry

The computer industry is booming

I'm a web designer and I work wich a great team.
Almost every day, we have a team meeting at around 2 pm in the afternoon.
Our team meeting are in the big conference room down the hall from my office.
We meet to discuse how we will create all of the images, layouts, and videos for a new comporate website.

Every day in my free time I still work out hand at 6 am every morning.
I usually exersize at the large gym, not to far from my house. People always say my consistency is impresive.

Honestly, I learned in importance of discipline from working on my team and the importance of staying in shape from my time in the home.

During the week, I would rather drive a car to work, because it is more convenient. So, I usually drive my car to work. At work, I drink water throughout the day. I do this becouse I usually get pached when I create my new project.

Part 2 A little about my family

I have my own family now. Now I'll tell you a little about my family.
I have a wife and a little son.

My son loves to go to kindergarten. He loves to draw there.
He loves to draw using pens. He loves to also draw using pencils, but he has  been  using pens a lot more and also watercolors. So, my son will draw something using a pen and then he will paint it using watercolors.. He has started to do more abstract painting, where in the past I did a lot of pencil portraits of people too when I was а little boy.

At last week we was in zoo together. One of the most interesting animals at the zoo is a monkey.When zoo vizitors pass by their enclosures, monkey go to the glass barrier and try to interact whict them.

Another her interesting thing about  monkey is now the babies cling to their parents as they walk around.
We can also see  monkey being affectionate with their trainers as they dean their enclosures.

In last year, my family and I went to in island for our summer break. I can honestly say that it was our best vacation ever.


^to be continued