2010 Книга Dungutti and Narwan People Runtu Uri

Рюнтю Юри: литературный дневник

Автор : Юри Рюнтю - / http://proza.ru/diary/yuri2008/2017-02-16 / - Русская Литература Дальнего Зарубежья :
21-век Австралия / Ryuntyu Yuri RU / Australia 2018

Video for ryuntyu yuri : Narwan and Dungutti People | E-book - You Tube / Video for ryuntyu yuriўє 1:53 min / http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SUxgU2J-R6g / Video clip by National Library Australia

AUSTRALIAN CONTEMPORARY PROSE: / http://trove.nla.gov.au/version/166178396 /
Dungutti & Narwan People
ISBN 978-0-9806446-3-0 / http://jannetteltsweatfield.narod.ru/stranicanomer97.htm /

Dungutti & Narwan People / http://trove.nla.gov.au/version/195953642 /

ISBN 978-0-9806446-4-7

2017 : Юрий Матвеевич Рюнтю : ryuntyu / Что такое - ПРОЗА и ЛИТЕРАТУРА? Yuri Ryuntyu: 'The general purpose of PROSE is to preserve language as it is spoken by the people. Language is the key to expressing civilization itself. The most complicated and mature language embodies the highest level of civilizations across time and history. It is how we view and remember events, a lingo to record the world around us. Here we stand for the history of Russian literature in Australia. This prose represents Australian citizens who still enjoy writing in the mother tongue of their Russian heritage. Anyway, this Russian-speaking literature belongs to Australian Modern Culture and flourishes equally alongside its Anglo-Saxon counterpart. The previous background of writers is pleasantly mixed with the new style of life they experience in Australia ' / http://www.proza.ru/2006/08/08-136 // http://www.proza.ru/diary/yuri2008/2009-05-10 / Юрий Матвеевич Рюнтю /

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