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Australian writer Yuri Matthew Ryuntyu / 2017 Book : My Hero Sister Pat : Patricia Dixon / E-book - You-Tube / Canberra Australia / National Library of Australia / Video by ryuntyu yuri matthew / video 2:07 min / http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QMc6Zqbq7gM / Get your free audio book: Yuri Ryuntyu: ' ... what we are presenting here is a fruitful link between previous and present generations in ... Australia and Russia / 62 Books by Yuri Matthew Ryuntyu / http://trove.nla.gov.au/version/44558252 / http://trove.nla.gov.au/result?q=ryuntyu /

2017: Юрий Матвеевич Рюнтю : ryuntyu " Why do we need these? " - Rudolf Nureyev asked. "Because we need life experience from these people and only on the basis of life experience can we make predictions for the future without states self-destruction and international wars..." - he underlined. "I wish good luck for Russia, but I would like to know the true color of the future for such a great civilization with over one thousand year’s historical record. Please remember..." - he said. "We have in Russia two hundred year old theaters, two hundred and fifty years of ballet and music as well as a great and the most fascinating literature and poetry to be found in the world which is over five hundred years old. Think about and be proud to keep this tradition well and fruitful from the beginning to the end of such a fascinating cultural project. I wish you good luck and God be with you." This Rudolf Nureyev said to me in Armidale ( NSW : Australia ) on November 23, 1991 // http://www.proza.ru/diary/yuri2008/2017-02-23 //

2017 : Юрий Матвеевич Рюнтю : ryuntyu / Мефистофель говорит: " Дай людям лишь слова - не станут поверять, какая мысль в них может заключаться ". " Gewoknlich glaubt der Mensch, wenn er nur Worte hort, Es musse sich dabai doch auch was denken lassen " / http://www.proza.ru/diary/yuri2008/2017-02-26 /

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