Рецензия на «Атака тьмы, лжи, армии а-ва-тер-ов!» (Руслан Закриев)

Сотни раз эти разговоры на сайтах и твои претензия на плагиат я слышал.Допускаю что могло место быть.Но и одинаково мыслящих людей тоже полно! Мог же какой нить джеймс тоже свой аватар придумать. Борьба с ними это как с ветряными мельницами,не стоит,там бабла и адвокатов,тьма тьмущая(( Проиграешь!

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Они а весь мир заявили, что это я у них украл, это уже вопрос чести!
Answer by James Cameron
2 марта 2012, 23:30
Hello Ruslan Close.
My name is Tom Clancy, I am the assistant of James Cameron's public relations and he asked me to respond to this letter.
Until we came across this letter to multiple recipients, and I hardly got your email address, so I apologize for the delay in response.
I read your letter, and briefly gave it the essence of James. I must admit that neither James nor I have your script for the film is not fully read, and do not think it's interesting for us, because from the very first pages of the story makes it clear that you have written off the story of the movie "Avatar" James Cameron. Matches are extremely accurate, so that should warn you that if you use part of plot or script, the film "Avatar" for commercial purposes, we will be obliged to declare their copyrights. We recommend that you stop at this point, stop writing and plagiarism.
We hope that you will achieve success in writing the script, despite the fact that you have a lot of semantic and stylistic errors in the text.

Tom Clancy, Assistant Public Relations. 447781470659 clansytom@gmail.com
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От кого: Tom Clansy <clansytom@gmail.com>
Кому: zakrirus@mail.ru


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Почтовый я

От кого: Tom Clansy <clansytom@gmail.com>
Кому: Руслан Закриев <zakrirus@mail.ru>
3 марта 2012, 14:44
Hello Ruslan Close.
After reading the first letter that came to us through a number of recipients, and the second letter that you sent yesterday, James Cameron asked me to consider the entire follow-up mailings and access to it only in special cases. So I bring to your attention that I am authorized on behalf of James Cameron's reply to your letter. Legally responsible for the content but I am, and did not James Cameron.
You know, I do not quite understand the nature of your letters and the meaning of your appeal to James. We already gave you to understand that the script you specified in the first letter is not suitable due to the fact that it is plagiarism (it underscored our writers and analysts), with Cameron's films "Avatar." As for the rest of your work that you have sent, we do not fully confident that we can get you these scenarios, as a good translation requires a lot of time, but already we can say that this is not what it intends to do in the near future, James . Luckily enough, James's own ideas that it embodies in the form of films, despite the fact that in the United States, it has 15 times been accused of stealing a script, we have all the necessary supporting documents from the standpoint of law the rights of James on the right of all intelligent ideas regarding film Avatar.
We hope that your work will become more productive, and eventually one of your scripts to some like the director.
Tom Clancy, Assistant Public Relations. 447781470659 clansytom@gmail.com LA California.
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От кого: Tom Clansy <clansytom@gmail.com>
Кому: Руслан Закриев <zakrirus@mail.ru>
3 марта 2012, 21:14
Hello Ruslan Close.
Not quite sure about any differences in question. What do you mean?
Tom Clancy.
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От кого: Tom Clansy <clansytom@gmail.com>
Кому: Руслан Закриев <zakrirus@mail.ru>
8 марта 2012, 19:40
Hello Ruslan Close.
It took so long to write a letter. It seems to me it did not happen. Please try to send.
Tom Clancy.
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От кого: Tom Clansy <clansytom@gmail.com>
Кому: Руслан Закриев <zakrirus@mail.ru>
10 марта 2012, 12:07
Hello Ruslan Close.
We watched with our legal counsel, these matches, as well as check the time of publication of your novel in the network. The fact that you have no proof of force, so that your novel was published in the global network in 2003. This proves that James Cameron could not steal the idea from your story, as James came up with a scenario in 1994 to the year and completed it with a pitcher of hope when a screenwriter Patrick Henry (great-nephew, Henry O 'Henry), almost that for ten years before your novel was published. In our case, the trial will be given all the facts to prove that James Cameron did not use in your script to your ideas.

We remind you that you are not the first who wants to use the good name of James Cameron, and to capitalize on this. Chinese fiction writer Chow Shaomou tried the same as unproven and have a way to fish in the court of James about $ 200 million. Due to the evidence given in court - the manuscript of James, dating back to the 1994th year from the date of the notary and the seal of Los Angeles, Stephen Kenny, scanned copies of the storyboard frame with the main ideas of the film Avatar, which made art directors Rick Carter and Nick Bassett, who later worked on the picture, which also documents dated 1994th year of lawyers and witnesses.
The original version of the script you can see on the page http://sfy.ru/?script=avatar
I also want to remind you that one of his assistants, James, who worked in his company, Eric Ryder, also filed a lawsuit against Cameron, but it has lost, because his story "KRZ 2068" was published in 1999. Let me remind you that you had been published even later - in 2003. Once again refutes your argument.

The main idea of the movie Avatar in fact, does not any "ideas". In such fantastic idea based scenario many fantastic stories. For example, your fellow brothers Strugatsky back in the 1960s, published a short story with some elements of the script, coinciding with the scenario of Avatar. Notice of the novel "The World of noon," was written long before the avatar script. But now living of the two brothers did not apply to the court and prove the fact of plagiarism because his sober mind realizes that the coincidence of these last several decades, beginning with the first science fiction.

If you still insist on the fact that you are sostsenaristom Avatar, we advise you to get in line, because to you like the novels have been published in the United States, and even if the fact of plagiarism is proven, then you will be the last in the list because that exactly the same ideas were reflected in the stories and novels of famous American writers of science fiction and movies. Here are just a few:
Paul Anderson - "Call me Joe." The novel was written in 1957.
Harry Harrison - "Bill, the hero of the galaxy." 1960
Harry Harrison - "Man of the robot." 1965
Bryant Moore - "Aquatica" and "Descendants: The Pollination".
These people have a better chance to win a court with Cameron than you.
Keep in mind also that your novel is written badly, and moreover, it is written in Russian, from which the correct translation to the U.S. is very difficult to do, especially considering how many bugs you leave the text does not otredakirovannymi. James Cameron has not been used as an ineptly written plagiarized text in which the very first lines of absolutely nothing is clear.

We expect that you will show us a more solid evidence, but after we found out that your story has been available on the Internet only recently, ie since 2003, you have to tell you that plagiarism or coincidence of these facts can not be named. If, however, and there was a rip-off, only on your part.
We can not explain these fantastic matches as you say just as obvious plagiarism on your part. No other explanation.

Please be advised that the address of the Writers' Union of the Chechen Republic will be sent an angry letter, demanding an end to such expert assessments without the participation of the accused party. Such an assessment can not be impartial, especially given the fact that members of the expert committee were not familiar with the work of James Cameron, and did not take

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Да вор укравший кошелек тоже кричит "Да таких кошельков на фабрике произвели тысячами" но тем не менее вор есть вор!

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