Рецензия на «Два письма из созвездия Овна» (Миллена Роуз)

April night. Letter. From constellation
Of the Aries it to me flown.
And I have sweet and strange sensation,
Freshness is coming into my home.
And she seemed more and more so charming –
Force «Madonna of decadent», yes.
And enchantment of her muse was coming
To excite me. I was glad such guest!
In that letter and in her nice rhymes:
And green trees, and wet moss – all is one.
And fun fad of rye spikelet, and time,
And a carved curls of path under sun.
And reflection of azure in amber,
And spray amber (it’s the morning dew) –
On the flower’s petals they painted
Happy lovers – it was me and you.
Everything was so close and distant,
Everything was so wrong and so right.
And these poems of Anne Chrysostom
Were together with darkness and light.
But another night came, and now –
Other letter I’m keeping in hands.
I don’t grasp – how it may be? How?
All what was – all became ash, sand!
And these flowers from gentle soul –
Yes, he crushed them before sightless eyes.
So he died for me. Once and for all.
And bright star in went out at skies.
«Goodbye, goofball!» - said to him my soul,
Let, let sadness with me play enough.
Donna Anna – she will me console,
And Madonna will give me new love!

Кирилл Ивницкий   24.01.2019 16:18     Заявить о нарушении
О, Кирилл, Вы всегда так неожиданно радуете! Так мило!
У Вас прекрасное чувство рифмы и ритма. Здорово!

Благодарю Вас всем сердцем - за перевод, за внимание, за доброту и благородство!

С уважением

Миллена Роуз   25.01.2019 00:38   Заявить о нарушении

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