I cannot remain silent

Perhaps my protest is a bit late, but I cannot remain silent. In flagrant violation of all international norms, Tanzanian troops invaded sovereign Ugandan territory with an avowed goal of a “regime change”. With thousands of like-minded people and risking my own reputation, I joined a peaceful demonstration in front of the Tanzanian embassy. We demand an immediate resignation of Julius Nierere, this blood-thirsty butcher, whom nobody ever elected president. How sad to see this once progressive leader following cues from certain quarters. These well known quarters have long been implicated in dirty provocations at the Entebbe airport as well as many other peaceful airports. We demand that the long suffering Ugandan people be reunited with their lawful president, Dr Idi Amin Dada.

I have also joined a parallel demonstration in front of the French embassy. What business do these parachute mongering imperialists have jumping over the sovereign Central African Republic? Their avowed goal is to end the peaceful reign of Emperor Bocassa, who had been maintained and nurtured by the same very French colonialists! The French propaganda machine keeps pointing to certain refrigerators filled with human meat. Has this meat undergone any inspection? And if not, how can anyone conclude there is French flesh inside? We should unmask as laughable the colonialists’ assertion that Bocassa was somehow threatening to eat a significant number of French citizens. Again, who stands behind the entire dirty operation? The notorious beef farm lobby takes cues from the well known quarters, who dream to replace the traditional cuisine of peace loving nations by their stale kosher product.

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